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Hello, 2019!

It’s already February and I haven’t even done an official 2018 recap yet! The year ended on quite a busy note, as my “November baby” arrived in early December! 2018 was a whirlwind of a year. Not only was my “Little Apprentice” along for just about all of my shoots (which went right about up until my due date!), but I had the opportunities to work on so many photoshoots, many of them very different from one another. There were events in the sun, events in the dark, styled shoots, family portraits, and small/local business shoots, just to name a few.

I took some time off from photography in the past few months while I navigated through the ups, downs, and sleepless nights of new motherhood. But now I’m ready to get back into photoshoots! I hope that this year brings even more surprises and new, exciting sessions!

Contact me today to get your fresh pics for the fresh year! 

A Great Big Happy Announcement!

We are super duper excited to share that we are expecting a baby this November!!!

I’m already over halfway to my due date, and sporting an obvious baby belly. I just had no idea how fast the months go by when you’re expecting! I figured I should hurry up and make an “official” RFP announcement before the baby arrives!

We aren’t finding out baby’s gender, but we have a feeling he/she likes [gluten-free] bagels and loves dogs. Seriously, I think this kiddo has some crazy dog-energy. And by that I mean, if my pregnancy experience is any indication (melting at the sight of any dog, and seeming to attract more of them), this little one is going to be the kind of person who dogs gravitate toward (And those are always the best people, aren’t they?)


The holidays will certainly be busy around here!

What does this mean for RFP? It means that there will be limited spots available for the rest of this year- so book your sessions ASAP to make sure you get those gorgeous holiday card photos!

I’m planning on doing sessions until early November- and that’s only 3 months away! (Whoa. Where did the year go???)

Email me NOW to save your spot!

2017: The Highlight Reel

Every year has it’s ups and downs, and looking back on the best parts is a fun way to end the year.

As this year comes to a close, I’m seeing a lot of people posting their “Best 9 of 2017”. I always enjoy seeing these and making my own. It’s really incredible how much can happen in just 12 months.

However, I’m not big on judging the best moments of the year on what got the most likes. So instead of entering my IG handle into a best 9 website for calculations, I combed through my year in pictures- lots and lots of pictures- and selected 9 of my favorite shoots from the year. Here they are, in no particular order…

This glimpse back really warms my heart. It was quite a year of celebrations and adventures! I’ve certainly learned a lot and tried a lot of new things.

As a bonus, I’ve also compiled 6 of my favorite personal moments of 2017…

In 2017, I finally checked ‘nose piercing’ off the bucket list (Thank you, Keri at Addicted to Ink!), practiced falconry for the first time in almost a decade (and found it to be like riding a bike for me!), welcomed 2 birds, Ukey and Fiddler, and a pup, Tuukka, into the family, met the incredible Jen Blackwood (and got lots of her artwork,  which we adore!), and we had the experience of viewing and sharing the solar eclipse!

Whew. Well, that was fun.

Here’s to even more creation, growth, and new experiences in 2018!


Monochrome: A Winter Ritual

“You get the same thrill with any negative; with art, as someone once said, most of what you have to do is show up. The hardest part is setting the camera on the tripod, or making the decision to bring the camera out of the car, or just raising the camera to your face, believing, by those actions, that whatever you find before you, whatever you find there, is going to be good.” –Sally Mann, Hold Still

I know I’m not alone when I say that winter can take a toll on my motivation. There’s so little of that gorgeous golden sunlight we photographers love so much, and I just want to make a never-ending pot of tea and hibernate under mounds of blankets.

But I am getting better at winter! Little by little, I’m finding ways to embrace and enjoy the season more. This often includes taking part in special winter photo challenges and creating my own photography projects.

A few winters ago, I was inspired by Sally Mann’s memoir ‘Hold Still’, to switch my camera to monochrome and explore familiar spaces. Without color, the photos became focused on the light and the way it bounced off of things and created contrast. Everything had new life. Faucets, doorknobs, and kitchen utensils now had “moods”.

It’s a small project I can do to flex my creative muscles, even when I don’t want to go outside, or if I’m feeling under the weather. It’s purely for myself and my own enjoyment, and it reminds me that the light is still there. It may not be glowing, warm and golden, but it is there. Right alongside the shadows.

I’ve also found that my cat is a great subject for black and white photography. He has long, shaggy light tan fur and naps in interesting positions, often on our black couch, which makes for great contrast. Here’s one of my favorite black and white shots of my big sleepy cat:


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas,

and may you find light wherever there are shadows.


Solar Eclipse (of the heart) 2017

Did you see that Solar Eclipse?

We were able to get eclipse glasses from a friend just in time, and I am so impressed with the pinhole viewing tools I’ve seen people make for it! It was a really cool thing to experience.

But by far my favorite part of it was getting to share my glasses with people that thought they were going to miss it entirely.

The first were my parents. They had expressed no previous interest in the eclipse, but I happened to be at their house when it started. I asked if they wanted to come see, and they excitedly accepted the invitation.

My dad took one look and exclaimed “HEY! That’s cute!” And I could tell that it brightened their day and they were happy to have been a part of it.

Later on, we shared the view with some neighbors that walked by as we were out watching it. It put smiles on their faces, and it’s a nice gesture that you certainly can’t offer every day.

Next eclipse is in 2024, and can be viewed in totality from Maine to Texas! Pack your popsicles! (But you gotta call ’em eclipsicles)

PS- Yes, OF COURSE I was bursting into rooms yowling “It’s a Solar Eclipse of the HEARRRRT” for a month leading up to it. How else do you mentally prepare for such events?