Meet Chrissy and Will, a really fun couple with Hudson Valley roots. A few months back, I had the pleasure of capturing their engagement portraits!

For the location, they chose a place filled with memories, that they had both enjoyed visiting when they were growing up . I was so excited to find that it had a ton of greenery, gorgeous views of the Hudson River, and plenty of room to play! Despite patches of rain and generally overcast skies, this shoot was full of lighthearted fun and excitement for the big day ahead!

My favorite shots turned out to be the in-between moments (as is always the case for me, honestly). If I suggested a pose (or if someone happened to find a giant flower pot that they just had to jump into…) I would snap away while they played around with it, often making each other laugh in a way that you just can’t pose.

I was honored to also be their wedding photographer! Keep your eyes peeled for my post about their wedding! It’s coming soon, and it is fantastic! Follow along on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date!