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NYBW Mini Sessions 2018!

This 15 minute mini session day is becoming a fun Autumn tradition! For just $50, each participating family gets a 15-minute photoshoot and 5 digital photos. I think it’s such a great way to get a few quick and easy photos for your holiday cards, while supporting New York Babywearing (formerly Babywearing International of Rockland/Westchester)! Last year, it was an incredible whirlwind of adorable families, so I was psyched to be invited to do it all again this year!

I must admit I was a little nervous about being 8 months pregnant and getting through the shoots without muscle pain or getting dehydrated. When I work with kids, I tend to get down on their level and kind of squat-run to keep up with the ones that are especially energetic. (Fortunately, that turned out to not to be an issue! Phew!)

The issue I had was the weather forecasts! Oh my goodness. Photographers and weather forecasts: a tale as old as time. OF COURSE the day before the sessions, the forecast called for rain- and only in the timeframe that I would be taking photos. And every weather source I checked said that the rain would stop at a different time.

Long story short, I spent the day before (and early morning the day-of) the shoot moving things around and fretting over what to do if the rain didn’t stop in time. With a last minute location change to a spot with rain cover, we were all set to go!

Although it was absolutely freezing and pouring when I arrived on location, the rain stopped and the sun started to peek out by the time my first family of the day arrived! And it continued to get warmer and sunnier from there!

I am just in love with the beautifully even overcast lighting that we got. It was such a gorgeous day for cozy Autumn family portraits, and I honestly could not have asked for cuter families or happier babies to work with!

And a BIG HUGE thank you to my sister-in-law, Lex and baby Willa for assisting me through the day!!

NY Babywearing is a support group for parents interested in learning to safely wear their babies in slings or carriers and connect with other local families. The group currently ranges from Yonkers, all the way to Syracuse! If you are interested in learning more about them, you can check out their Facebook page!

15 Minutes of Family Photo Fun!

Autumn is the perfect time for family portraits! The sunlight and foliage are so beautiful, and soon enough you’ll be sending out your holiday cards! (If you haven’t booked your Fall session yet, there’s still time!)

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to work with Baby Wearing International of Rockland-Westchester (BWI Rock/West) in their mini-session fundraiser. The group offers support to new moms and dads by teaching proper baby wearing techniques and letting members borrow different carrier styles from their lending library. I have family and friends in this group, and I think it creates such a great community and resource for parents.


During the group’s mini-session fundraisers, photographers from all over Rockland and Westchester offer 15 minute family portrait sessions (5 final photos), for just $50.

So in the span of just 2 hours, I photographed 6 beautiful families. It was such a wonderful whirlwind of bright eyes, squishy cheeks, and so much personality. Ages of the children ranged from newborns to zooming toddlers (and one little sister that was just a month away from being born!). There were kids that LOVED the camera, and ones that wanted nothing to do with it. There were also some that held the attitude “Sure, you can photograph me…but you have to catch me first!” (Honestly, these are usually my favorites. They get the best action shots with big, bright, mischievous smiles!)

Of course, I came with a few tricks up my sleeve (or, more accurately, in my Mary Poppins-esque tote bag). I was joined by my lion and elephant puppets, my little shaker egg, and a set of juggling balls, which my husband would juggle behind me to catch the attention of an unfocused toddler.
(Whether babysitting, teaching, or just being “Aunt Reen”, juggling has always been my favorite way to catch kids’ attention. No matter what age, they will always stop and stare in wonder. Unfortunately, I can’t do it while holding a camera…yet…)

Behind the scenes…employing the help of my elephant friend!

If you’re a new or expecting parent, check out BWI Rock/West to find out when the next mini-session fundraiser is happening. Maybe I’ll see you there!

For info on having the full, total-package RFP session experience, contact me!

C&W’s Gorgeous Summer Wedding

I recently shared a bit from this lovely couple’s cute Hudson Valley Engagement Session…and here it is, THE BIG DAY!

It was, of course, a big day for me as well! This was my very first wedding photography gig, and it couldn’t have been better! I was fortunate enough to be working with a really wonderful couple, so it was a really great experience from start to finish.

But first, let’s rewind a bit. Back when I met with Chrissy and Will for their engagement session, I noticed a lot of vintage autos driving around. Also, it poured for about 5 minutes as soon as I arrived. Like heavens-opened, buckets and buckets, pouring. They explained that there was a car show that day, and the old joke around town was “It always rains on the car show”.

…Then they told me that they hadn’t realized it, but their wedding happened to be scheduled on the same date as the biggest car show of the year.

Me, about to photograph my first wedding! Cool as a cucumber…

Naturally, as the day approached, I began checking about 4 different forecasts periodically. I prepared for rain, and hoped for sunshine. The only thing the weather sources agreed on seemed to be that there would be some rain at some point during the day, and it would start as soon as the bride came walking down the aisle. (Because, of course…)

The day finally came, and the weather could not have been prettier. No clouds, just sweet summer sunshine. Exactly what you would want for an outdoor summer wedding.

Not a drop of rain fell the entire day.

BTS- Getting some shots out in the woods!

Oh, and speaking of “as soon as the bride came walking down the aisle”, did I mention that she did so to the Jurassic Park theme song? Yeah. How cool is that?

There were personal touches everywhere you looked. For starters, it was held at the same venue where Chrissy’s parents had celebrated their wedding reception. And the ceremony was officiated by the Mother-of-the-Bride herself! How great is that for “full-circle”?

I was totally in awe of the DIY details that transformed this pavilion space into a gorgeous reception hall.

As the sun went down, the dance floor went from catching the golden sunset to glowing with candles and twinkle lights. And all throughout, I was snapping away at friends and family having an absolute blast, playing games and dancing the night away.

The closing number of the night? The Ghostbusters theme song. 100% my kind of party.

I had so much fun at this wedding, and every time I sat down at my computer to work on retouching the photos, I felt like I was reliving the good times over and over again!

My absolute favorite shot. Such infectious joy!

There were so many creative personal touches and beautiful details that went into this wedding and I’ve decided to share them in their own post. You won’t want to miss it, so make sure you’re following along on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates!