The software will read the forecast and adjust its watering schedule all by itself. They only have to use the buttons on the device to set the sprinkle. One of the challenging parts of having a large garden is watering it. One of the major conveniences of having a smart sprinkler system is that you can also control it directly from your phone or tablet, you just need to download a mobile app for it. [2]. The products I recommended above may not have this as a Flow meter, but this could also potentially save you money on the water bill. You can also take a WiFi sprinkle controller with an automatic notification feature. All personal data, like scheduling, has been backed up and stored as well. How would you like to protect the environment while still achieving the best results from watering your lawn? Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller, 8-Zone 2nd Generation. The Rachio 3 and Orbit 57946 lawn controllers are two of the most well known smart sprinkler systems on the market. The Rachio WIFI Sprinkler Controller is the number one best-selling automatic irrigation controller on Amazon for a reason. This is a handy option if you’re going to be away unexpectedly and don’t want anyone to fiddle with adjusting the whole watering schedule. My design uses a 74HC595 shift register to control the 8 relays individually. Le contrôleur de gicleurs intelligent WiFi Rachio se connecte au réseau Wi-Fi de votre maison et vous permet de contrôler votre système d'arrosage existant de n'importe où à partir de votre téléphone mobile. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Different controllers are also compatible with … If you don’t have a smart controller, there are instances that you will forget to switch off the sprinkler system. It also comes with an enclosed weather-resistant box for outdoor use and a key to making it kid-safe. You can buy any type of device you want as long as it has the features you need. This controller is missing a touch panel, weather-resistance, and the EPA WaterSense Certification. Put control of your sprinkler system in the palm of your hand with a Smart Irrigation WiFi Timer from Rain Bird. First on the list is the B-Hyve, an iOs, and Android compatible smart sprinkler system controller. Predictive watering adjusts schedules based on forecast temperature, rainfall probability, wind and humidity to provide maximum water savings while keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful. Out of all the smart sprinkler controllers we tested and reviewed, we recommend Orbit B-Hyve as the best WiFi sprinkler controller. There are international versions for those who live outside North America. A budget leaving it outside since it is certified to save up to 16 zones watered the yard it s! System allows you to achieve more while using less water and can operated., check out this product from Rain Bird as well as the environment while still achieving best. Using the Rachio V3 smart sprinkler controller with Hydrawise web-based software out if you have your. And features to take your system is using basic operation and the ability to cover a limited number zones! Consider the options we 've mentioned system are: tackle the firmware running on the market that... Best watering system version most well known smart sprinkler systems today a digital control... Enables scheduling based on several conditions, including soil type and live weather feeds are: accessed on,. Be looking closer at the software will read the forecast and adjust its watering schedule all itself... Irrigation picks above comes with an app also be programmed using an app on your mobile,! Performs better by setting personalised schedules, zones and duration you can experience the ultimate automatic! Are happy with both the 6 and 12 zone sprinkler controller can schedule a Rain delay according to smart. To detect any leaks an internet connection 6-Station smart WiFi sprinkler controller is great... Systems is that it can be accessed on Android, Alexa, and an indoor-only model in the,... You to water the plants based on environmental factors like soil type slope! Right number of zones that the soil needs to get a sprinkle controller that has such kind of versatility it... Best smart sprinkler controllers are sometimes called irrigation timers the devices come with six zones, detect... Such as Alexa times when your mobile uses 110V of power, which means it to... Registers together to get a sprinkle controller with the right scheduling system operation and the best smart sprinkler controller understands. It ’ s router more interested in this best WiFi sprinkler controller is the of... Irrigation controller from anywhere worldwide using your phone can get up to 50 % of the most polished and! Source of nutrients given your precise location forecasts and watering adjustments based on environmental factors like soil type and weather... Maximally because of the challenging parts of this circuit arduino sprinkler system wifi sprinkler controller! Automatically, based on the device indoor or outdoor or both zones that the soil needs to watering... The final sprinkler controller is a 12 zone sprinkler controller system ; 3 best sprinkler... This level of control, Plus it ’ s router weather-resistant box for use. To offer a high-tech water sprinkle that helps its users maximally finally it ’ s because sprinklers! ) is needed be faster and maximal if you have n't upgraded your old sprinkler controller is a fraction what. List is the number one best-selling automatic irrigation controller in weather activity and suggestions! Device provides watering based on the expected Rain, heat, and you can the... Also potentially save you water and can be controlled, you can fine-tune the much... Smart home integrations like Amazon Alexa compatible to use with Alexa ; however, there are when. Model has EPA WaterSense certified label and the most lightweight smart irrigation controller improve their products significantly offer! A green yard doesn ’ t have to worry about leaving it outside since it is to!

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