We truly have seen it all when it comes to Progressing Cavity Pumps. According to the Financial Post Predecessor and Defunct database, this Ontario corporation is defunct. Gulf Canada was then taken over by ConocoPhillips Canada in 2001. S.B. In 1969 Gulf Oil Corp. of the United States bought BA, which became Gulf Oil Canada Limited. We used copies of old certificates at our booth at Calgary's Gas & Oil Expo in 2013. It amalgamated with Trans-Canada Resources Ltd. under the latter name. The company There are also listings in the Dead and Dormant Companies for: Our inquirer found out from a stock broker that Albedena was bought out by Nitrocell then Magnum then Enertech who dissolved in 1997. From checking the internet it looks like Ulster was purchased by Anderson in 2000. The oil in turbochargers come in very close contact with red-hot exhaust components, and cooks a little more each time it goes through the turbo, getting thicker as the miles go by. See McColl Bros. Ltd. Lochiel was struck from the Alberta Corporate Register on May 2, 2002. In 1957, the name British Petroleums Limited was changed to Leamac Petroleums Limited and in 1961 to Embassy Petroleums Limited. The 1937 Financial Post Survey of Canadian Oils shows Black Diamond Oilfields as "Wound up; charter surrendered or cancelled; declared to be dead by company officials or by persons believed to be responsible to answer for the company.". As far as we can tell, it did not drill any wells and was struck from the register of Alberta companies in 1921. Both companies are defunct according to Financial Post Infomart. It was incorporated in Ontario so there may be information available from the Ontario Corporate Registry. Fort St. John Petroleums Ltd. was liquidated 2002-10-01. The Canadian holding company of British Petroleum was renamed BP Canada in 1969; and in 1971, it acquired 97.8% stake of Supertest. Many oil and gas investments are legitimate but scams lie in wait for the uwary investor eager to capitalize on the opportunities created by skyrocketing energy costs. In 2005, it was delisted on TSX-VEN, with Cease Trade Orders in Alberta and British Columbia. Formed from the merger of Central Leduc and Del Rio Oils in 1957, Central-Del Rio was purchased by Canadian Pacific Oil and Gas in 1969. C $7.86. Is the principal selling the lease to the venture at the acquisition cost, and if not, how much profit is being made? Sustainability Topic. Aldina-Leduc was incorporated in Alberta and 10 shares were exchangeable for 1 share of Norsul Oil and Mining Limited. The ability to exchange Sceptre shares for Canadian Natural Resources ended August 16, 2002. There is no mention of this firm in the Financial Post Survey of Predecessor and Defunct Companies and the Alberta Companies list. Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa appears to have a file - click link. A Leduc Calmar shareholder took this research a step farther and reports that "Turbo Oil sludge collects in the turbo's drain line, preventing elimination of hot oil and causing turbo overheating.

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