Stephanie Klein A blanket mandate from the Governor is an insult and an override to the good judgment of each individual, family and business. (206) 726-7000, 710 ESPN Seattle Advertising Inquiries a daily newsletter full of things to discuss over AM 770 KTTH: (800) 465-8770 ©2020 FOX Television Stations, from MON 11:00 AM PDT until FRI 11:00 AM PDT, East Slopes of the Washington Cascades, from MON 10:49 AM PDT until FRI 11:00 AM PDT, East Slopes Northern Cascades, Wenatchee Area, LIVE MAP: COVID-19 Cases in Washington, Around the World, Contact us with questions or concerns with Closed Captioning,,, Study: Universal mask use could save over 130K American lives by early 2021, Justice Clarence Thomas will swear in Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court if confirmed, Winds gust up to 89 mph north of San Francisco on Mount St. Helena, Tips and options for how to creatively and safely celebrate Halloween, Tacoma opens warming center in preparation for cold weekend. Ethan Kelly: (206) 726-6833, 710 ESPN Seattle Local call-in We get asked frequently about our position on mask-wearing and it’s simple. drinks.and the great thing is that it's on the house! readers but the situation with our readership having increased businesses that want to make contact with people in similar See our Frequently Asked Questions on the right. Contact Us - Bonneville Seattle Bonneville Seattle 1820 Eastlake Avenue East Seattle, Wa 98102 (206) 726-7000 (800) 756-5476 Listener Call-In Numbers KIRO (206) 726-7000 Science and News Links . *Find this comparison on Page 9 of the report, downloadable on “Science and News Links.”. We are standing for the very inalienable rights of an individual as recognized in the Declaration of Independence “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  What many say is “just a mask” actually represents a new channel of control--the direct imposition of authority from the State to the Self. Bahrain. © Copyright 1999-2020 Seattle News.Net - Mainstream Media Ltd. All rights reserved. Before contacting us please read the following: Thank you firstly for visiting our site. (206) 726-7000, 710 ESPN Seattle Advertising Inquiries Here is how to contact those profiled in these stories or the organizations they are involved with: Richard Berger: To make a donation to the blanket fund, send a … or want specific information. is the official website for KING-TV, your trusted source for breaking news, weather and sports in Seattle, WA. Crista St John: Email, 770 KTTH Toll-free call-in If you would like to contact KIRO 7 or, you can call us, or write to us by email or snail mail. 1820 Eastlake Avenue East We were originally told that wearing a mask was a sign of compassion for others, showing that you were being responsible and didn’t want to risk infecting others. Ethan Kelly: (206) 726-6833, Judge Amy Coney Barrett confirmation live on KTTH », GOP senators power Barrett toward high court confirmation, With over 2 million ballots now in, Washington doubles down on election security, Ross: Tough questions for both candidates on '60 Minutes', Sign up to receive the most popular email. Some people are Email: [email protected], Digital Content Manager Mask Mandate is an Insult to All of Us. Here's how to contact KIRO 7 News. If you have a question or a story and want to get in touch with Channel 4 News, there are several ways you can do so. We stand for the right of an individual to choose whether to cover their face or not. (800) 465-8770, 770 KTTH Feedback It even mandates compulsion on children as young as 5, bypassing parental rights. Contact Seattle News.Net. Email: Tina Sorensen, 97.3 KIRO Listener Call in Line Most people started wearing masks at this point and were certainly acting out of the kindness of their hearts. Whether you would prefer to wear a mask, not wear a mask, or are somewhere in between, the very existence of a “mandate” is an insult to us all.

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