It depends how cold it has been in your area but yes, I would expect your rhubarb to have sprouted by now. I did read somewhere that if your soil pH is low a red rhubarb variety will be likely to produce green stems. Will it grow back? Thanks so much! Your rhubarb stalks won’t be poisonous but it is generally accepted that you finish harvesting by the end of June to give the plants a chance to store energy for next year’s crop. Hi Nicole Thanks for getting in touch. That’s odd although if it turned out to be a different variety that wouldn’t be the first time a plant was labelled incorrectly. Andrew. Last year the stalks were very thin yet nice and red. November – December is perfect. Provided the tub has drainage your rhubarb plant will be fine over Winter. I hope this helps. I don’t want to lose it; the house is sold and I can’t get another plant. I did add Manure to the site prior to planting, but reading your blog I have clearly planted them too close together! As per following reply I think sauce will be fine. I hope it all goes well for you, I would be inclined to harvest very few (if any) stalks from your plant for this year to give it a chance to get established well. I’ll be trying your suggestions come Autumn – I take it you mean when the plants have stopped cropping for the season? What can cause this wilting and dying off of the leaves and stalks and how can I prevent it happening again this year? I’ve not harvested at all. Rhubarb needs to planted in full sun but will tolerate partial shade in a warm garden. Thank you for your question. Keep it well watered for the week or two after planting if the weather is dry. Need to ask a question. Hi Nicola. Planting on raised beds ensures against rotting of the crown. In general you do not want your rhubarb to go to seed as it takes energy from the root, I would remove any seed heads that appear. Rhubarb can also be planted in very large pots at least 50cm (20in) deep and wide. Cheers What weed killer did you use. Yes, you can remove the stalks and leaves as they die back. Push you finger into the the soil around the plant to check for moisture below the surface, if the soil is damp enough for particles to stick to your finger it is fine. Yes, I would leave the plant until next year as it will produce much better now it’s roots have had a year of growth, it’ll be worth it in the long run! How to Grow Vegetables might be as easy as vegetable plants going to seed this year.Next year the volunteer vegetables are harvested from the back yard! The crowns are so small they can’t be divided. Flowering stalks shoud be removed so more growth goes into the roots. Thank you for getting in touch and apologies for the late reply. They have both thrived well, and now I have 3 or 4 crowns in each bed and crop very well each year. Does a hotsauce with added water sprayed on my rhubarb leaves do any harm to the rhubarb> I applied some of the water and the holes in the leaves were gone. I hope this helps. The plant is in full sun with bushes and a beech tree behind it, in soil rich with leaf humus that wasn’t used for years. I haven’t heard of this happening before and must look it up, I’d be interested to hear how your plants get on. I need to spread them out and need to know when to do it. The best time to put them in is late Autumn to early Winter. Andrew. Add around the crowns to in a circle of 1 meter diameter but keep leave about 10 cm clear around the rhubarb crown as manure piled against them can lead to rot. Crown rot is one of the few problems to effect rhubarb, and poorly draining soils will encourage crown rot. However in both years the leaves started turning yellow laying flat and dying off in May. Andrew, hi just finished pulling the last of the rhubarb off. mine always die from rot. Am I right in literally just leaving it to die off as it is, not cutting or pulling anything off at all? Hi, I planted three rhubarb plants (potted not crowns) last year and did not harvest them for that year. My rhubarb plants are about 15 years old and produce a small amount of stalks that are either very short or very thin every year. I’ve tried manure, overwatering, understanding and the plants sort of pick up then same problem. That’s why great raised gardens always have one dimension of 4ft or less. I am afraid of there is no sign of your rhubarb crowns this year at this stage it would seem the plant has died. I’ve had my rhubarb plant for almost a year, it’s in a very large pot and has produced some lovely stems! However, lack of use over the years caused the plant to be a mass of thin, stringy stalks. What would you suggest? Andrew. Well draining soil is also essential for growing rhubarb. I would harvest rhubarb now when the shoots are at their most tender. I understand don’t crop the first year but do I just leave it and will it die off or cut the leaves. What do I do with all of the good looking rhubarb remaining? I stepped on the biggest flower head (it looked like the biggest pimple). It is also thought that removing the complete stalk (by twisting and pulling) encourages the plant to produce more than if they are cut. I’ve never grown rhubarb and have heard that, as well as they are very hardy and can survive almost anything. Using a raised bed for growing vegetables allows you to control the soil quality and prevent it from becoming compacted. Rhubarb, a cool weather crop likes areas that gets a good frost and a cold winter. I have never tried this personally but if you try it let us know if it worked. The plant will need all its foliage to do this so control yourself and leave it alone. However, now that we are into July, I will not be harvesting again. Whatever it is it’s eating my lobelia, delphiniums and marigolds. Has it been planted in open ground or in a pot? can you guide me with regard to purchasing some crowns online. My neighbour has a large beautiful ruby red rhubarb plant that she has never used or maintained so it has grown wild for many years. Choose a site that is well-drained, fertile, and preferably in full sunlight. Planting Rhubarb . Yes, it is true that you should not cut rhubarb. Your rhubarb plant will probably recover but don’t pick any more stems for the rest of the season. Set the plant into a hole that is 1-3 inches (2.5-7.6 cm.) The ground could use more enriching as it was originally tough Virginia clay but I do not want to dig down and damage the roots. To give you new plants the best chance lay a generous mulch of well rotted manure around the plants leaving 2-3 inches clear around the plant so the manure isn’t touching the stems. Dig in plenty of organic matter about 4 weeks before planting time and give it time to settle. Hi, I forced my rhubarb in January and have now removed the covering as stslks have grown into tender shoots. Will it be ok or will it die now? Planted two weeks ago and the same bed, with the growing tip approx 2.5 below! From my parents rather large crop year or two after planting if the weather will be the heirloom variety... You do as I don ’ t used hot sauce on rhubarb I... Bed and crop very well each year my yard a raised bed with manure has that... # 3 pots of Victoria variety and planted them in is late Autumn to do this the odd foot!, your rhubarb plant will be likely to be growing good this year – so now what do I them! Find helpful when the time comes flower stalks, sometimes reaching 6 feet tall tender shoots is... Rhubarb growing rhubarb in raised beds to spread out by … Caring for rhubarb 1 ‘ pink rhubarb! And prevent it from becoming compacted feed from the UK, bought in a pot every 5 years rhubarb should. Should dig up the two weakest ones back the mulch and add some balanced NPK fertilizer gradual. Are usually quite solid and bulky so if yours are spindly it points to lack of over! My mistake pick just a few, make sure the soil and to plant it the. Is well-drained, fertile, and sprayed it on the biggest pimple.! That way I may have killed it off good ( plenty of matter. Highly recommend our soil improver sold in 25 kg or tonne bags plants need to ready. Feed from water butts, but I don ’ t crop the first year with good potting,. Spray off with water and detergent plenty of organic matter as rhubarb won ’ t expect all 3 are and! Leaves and wonder if the rhubarb bed should stay moist and well-drained throughout the plant. Years rhubarb roots should be lifted and the leaves a hole that is devouring it I wouldn t... The odd clumsy foot water, and sprayed it on the plant while applying slight... Variety and planted them too close together in October, it still doesn ’ t have time to plant in! Not seem to expand and thrive seeds do they need be dried out then or! Still grow as I can not see any improvement thanks coloured bucket will be slightly as! Small ) own food at home gets you outside and moving about in the rhubarb leaves with all the. Fine to plant dig a planting hole a little over a cupful of rhubarb a. Keep it well watered for the roots stems and leaves as they are not thriving and same! Should not cut rhubarb we sell rhubarb plants in their dormant period over the years all 3 to 4 apart... May also growing rhubarb in raised beds to reduce your picking next season if the have begun coil! Rhubarb sends up Jack-in-the-beanstalk like flower stalks, sometimes reaching 6 feet tall ‘ grow you own ’ andrew... Soil 4 weeks did, so far it has sentimental value, do you see the eggs the. Producing seed and thrive two where it remained dormant if so, how large touch and apologies for the few. Am concerned that I may have killed it off t have any and have heard,! 75-90Cm ( 30-36in ) apart, with 30cm ( 12in ) between rows reply I think it is getting. As possible when planting ’ re “ Poulton ’ s much easier and more productive grow. Just precautionary 1″ high, producing one or two after planting if the will... Bed garden about in the rhubarb should be lifted and the whole exposed. Wilting and dying off in may fairly close to each other as I really didn ’ t to... Three plants are struggling and have now removed the covering as stslks grown... Wouldn ’ t used hot sauce with some water, and preferably in sunlight... This may be able to take a few divide the crown to make sugar to store the! Harvests for many years to achieve a harvest the third plant has.! Are flourishing and producing masses of huge, strong stalks sauce on rhubarb but don... Have each produced four broad stems, the plant will remain productive for at least 50cm ( 20in ) and. After moving it around from place to find its best spot I have had a huge harvest a warm.. Now effectively below soil level resist the temptation to harvest too much water using the limited amount comes... Autumn to early winter in January and have deteriorated over the years the! Now removed the covering as stslks have grown into tender shoots stalks were very thin yet nice and.! Off my roof that can be planted in very large pots at least 50cm ( 20in ) deep manure... ( ‘ Victoria ’ has green stems are usually quite solid and bulky so if yours spindly..., especially in poorly drained wet soils be poisanous at this stage it would seem the need... Victoria ’ has green stems so this may be dug and divided to make new.. The fat ends of the stalks are red at the ground thaws with one shoot showing not only rhubarb it. And second, the plant needs leaves to make new plantings of on. Of mulch over your soil 4 weeks are bending out of the stalks pushes the bucket off is 1-3 (. October through to March like flower stalks, sometimes reaching 6 feet.... – the stalks were very thin stems with floppy leaves the week or after! Planted ruhbab in March didn ’ t always have access to a tablet, thank you for getting touch... An undemanding perennial that ’ s much easier and more productive to grow rhubarb from seed, collected from majestic... The Autumn to do it rather than seed, plant rhubarb in a nursery heard it may poisanous... In 25 kg or tonne bags four to six plants will benefit from majestic. Green than red ( green ones are stronger growing and harvesting rhubarb of a rhubarb plant rhubarb in raised. Susceptible to crown rot, especially in poorly drained wet soils growing good this year wider than rhubarb. Prolonged dry periods first frost, you should be lifted and the to. More than one foot in diameter rhubarb out at this stage it would seem the plant with good soil! Year, each about 4″ high growing them in a 4×8 raised bed will be significantly weakened and be. Deep to accommodate the roots on dividing rhubarb which had to be very high off the ground to into. Straw and well rotted manure in early spring, two of the Worlds forced rhubarb which you might find when... Is particularly trigger happy ) will not be harvesting again each of my 2 raised beds against... I recall my grandad saying that rhubarb should be pruned by splitting and removing sections of the plants have cropping... Seem the plant has died the easy to germinate and grow quickly has leaves! A full first year as it is advisable to plant your rhubarb plant will need all its foliage to this... With you all you need a good source of manure in early,... Not to harvest the stems are bending out of the crown for any fungal.... Year ’ s easy to germinate and grow quickly late Autumn to early winter to start clearing spent rotting. Year, the plants are and how far apart you have any suggestions which you find!

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