Required fields are marked *, PIA Flight PK-8303 Crashed Due To Human Error: Preliminary Report. A senior aviation official told Gulf News from Karachi that the provisional report has many loopholes in it and that the facts would be clearer only after a detailed report is released following decoding of black box data. Meanwhile, the Aviation Division disowned the report aired by certain television channels regarding provisional inquiry report into the plane crash. Both engines showed evidence of external fire, and low rotation at the time of impact. Do you think that the aviation industry will recover by 2024? The aircraft was flying way beyond the standard safe landing speed and altitude, while it was as close as just four nautical miles from the landing strip at Karachi Airport and the ATC failed to check and raise an alarm over the non-deployment of the landing gear, which led to a near-disastrous first attempt to land, experts said. Last month’s tragic crash of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) passenger plane in Karachi took place due to human errors – the negligence of both the cockpit crew as well as the air control tower – and not because of any technical fault. “Karachi Approach” advised taking an orbit to be able to comfortably lose speed and altitude. He is said to be stable. The report further stated that fragments of the PIA aircraft’s engine were strewn on the runway for 12 hours after the crash, but the air site unit did not collect them and other aircraft were allowed to land on the runway. He said that when the second attempt to land was being made, the plane crashed two to three minutes after the landing announcement. The landing gear was extended through normal means, and the Ram Air Turbine was extended. Crash kind of reminds me of the one with the American 757 jet that crashed near Cali Columbia back in 1994. Ismail said that the premier has asked PIA "to take care of affectees without any delay". The reason given was excessive height. According to APP, the minister ordered the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board to carry out investigations. The Flight Crew extended speed breaks and disengaged the autopilot in an attempt to intercept the glideslope. The plane stayed in air for 17 minutes after the first failed landing attempt — a crucial time during which both the engines of the aircraft had stopped functioning. "They took me to Jinnah hospital and then I was brought to Civil hospital, where I currently am," said Zubair. The plane stayed in the air for 17 minutes after the first landing attempt, a crucial time during which both the engines of the aircraft failed. There was apparently no technical fault in the aircraft, said the preliminary investigation report submitted to the Aviation Division in a high level meeting on Monday. On approach to Karachi, the flight was told to expect a ILS approach to runway 25L. When flight PK8303 arrived at MAKLI, they were at 9780 ft and 245 knots IAS. Zubair appeared in Shahzeb Khanzada's show on Geo News, and shared details of the horrific account. "The pilot was told that both runways were ready for him to land. The report said the aircraft’s first engine was installed on February 25, 2019, while its second engine was installed on May 27, 2019. Japan Scramble Fighter Jets To Intercept PLANAF Shaanxi Y-9JB Electronic Surveillance Aircraft, Chinese Fighter Jet and Bomber Approached Taiwan’s Airspace 8th Time In Last 2 Weeks, China Releases 10 Indian Soldiers Including Four Officers After Three Days Of Captivity, Operations Claw-Eagle: Turkey Launches Offensive Against Kurdish Rebels In Iraq, Satellite Imagery Shows PLAAF Fighter Jets Deployment Along With The LAC, At Least 20 Indian Soldiers killed In Violent India-China Border Faceoff, One U.S. Air Force F-15 Eagle Crashed Another Performed Emergency Landing During Training Exercise In The North Sea, U.S. Military Helicopters Performed Bizarre Low-Flying Show Of force Tactic To Break Up Protest Crowds In Washington DC, Russia Has Started Manufacturing First Stealth Bomber: Report, PIA flight PK8303, carrying 99 people including 8 crew members, crashed. He said he is a mechanical engineer and after working on a project in Gujranwala, was on his way home for Eid. He said that he unbuckled his seatbelt and saw a light in the distance. The airport hotel shall be available as accommodation for the family members. “Media friends are informed that couple of TV channels have been referring to a report regarding crash of PIA flight PK-8303. “Karachi Approach” also advised the Flight Crew multiple times to discontinue the approach. As the Flight Crew ignored the advice, the aircraft intercepted the ILS localizer and glideslope. 97 perished in the accident, 4 people on the ground were hurt, and reportdely one died. The PIA released a passenger manifest according to which 51 men, 31 women and nine children were aboard the PK-8303 flight. He was visited by Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah. He then leapt 10 feet down from the plane. Several houses were damaged in the area where the plane crashed. According to JPMC officials, one of the wounded brought to the hospital is badly burned and has been shifted to the burns ward. The flight, piloted by captain Sajjad Gul and first officer Usman Azam, took off from Lahore at 13:05. and was near the end of its 90-minute journey, when it crashed at around 14:45 (09:45 UTC) into the densely-populated neighborhood of Model Colonyaround 3 kilometres (1.9 miles) from the airport. She said that the deceased are being identified through DNA extraction and that so far, 19 bodies had been identified. “Media friends are informed that couple of TV channels have been referring to a report regarding crash of PIA flight PK-8303. The Karachi commissioner has shared contact information for "all bereaved families of PIA tragedy". Meanwhile, the Aviation Division disowned the report aired by certain television channels regarding provisional inquiry report into the plane crash. According to the Sindh health department, 92 people have so far known to have died as a result of the crash. The aircraft, PK flight PK8303 crashed on May 22, 2020 near Karachi Airport. The control tower permitted landing despite greater speed and altitude. The majority of aircraft parts were located in a 75m stretch of a street, with further parts found on the roofs of nearby houses. The report said both the speed and the altitude of the aircraft was more than the recommended parameters when the pilot tried first landing. Furthermore, insurance compensation will be paid to the next of kin "on most immediate basis". "The airplane was gliding as it approached the runway and it couldn't make it to the runway unfortunately [...] when the pilot was asked to ascend to 3,000 feet, he said he is trying to maintain altitude but is unable to.". Ambulances were faced with difficulty as the streets were quite narrow and the huge presence of people made it difficult for relief operations to continue. "PIA will take full responsibility and provide hotel immediately to them," he said. Meanwhile, Governor Sindh Imran Ismail said that he has called the PIA chairman and instructed him "to provide shelters to people" whose houses were damaged. Minister for Civil Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan Monday told the National Assembly that the interim report on the plane crash will be presented in the National Assembly on Wednesday. Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised an "immediate inquiry" into the matter and said that he is in touch with PIA chief executive Arshad Malik. The pilot, in his part, did not inform the ATC about the jamming of the landing gears. For his part, the PIA chief said that the aircraft was "technically sound". We do not wish to interfere with the inquiry in any way.". With the new configuration at 243 kts, the over-speed warning went off as well as the EGPWS. The pilot replied, "We are returning back, sir, we have lost engines," and the controller cleared the plane to land on either of Karachi airport's two West-Southwest-facing runways. The team that also comprised Wing Commander Malik Imran, Technical Investigation Group Additional Director Captain Touqeer, Pakistan Air Force Safety Board Ops Investigator Kamran and Air Traffic Control Ops Joint Director Nasir Majeed was to submit its preliminary report on June 22. The crash was captured on video by a CCTV … Among them, was captain Sajjad Gul, who was piloting the ill-fated plane. The pilot sent a Mayday and told controllers the aircraft had lost power from both its engines on its second attempt to land, according to a recording posted on monitoring website Troops from the Pakistan Army's Quick Reaction Force and Pakistan Rangers Sindh arrived at the crash site shortly after to assist the civil administration in relief and rescue efforts. The provisional report said both the speed and the altitude of the aircraft was more than the recommended parameters when the pilot made the first attempt to land. The flight, up until the landing was uneventful, and the weather was ok for flight. PIA 8303 tried to bleed off altitude but could not bleed off the speed. This is per design. The were also evidence of damage to the bottoms of the engines, and parts of the engines and pylons were found on runway 25L. He said, however, that according to the communication obtained from the ATC (air traffic control), it "seems that the airplane lost power". Originally from the USA, now located in Europe. With clearance in hand, PK8303 continued. Very little or no analysis is expected at this point in the investigation. Zubair said that the passengers had no inkling they would crash. Contact numbers for information have also been shared. The common thread is trying to do too much in a short period of time.

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