Hasbro got the rights and used this design to create Megatron the character. . Box is c8-9 (light edge wear, light corner wear, moderate flap crease, otherwise excellent), Complete, c8 (moderate chrome wear, heavy wear on outside stickers, light sticker wear on inner stickers, paint rub on forehead, otherwise fine), Figure only, c6 (gun barrel broken off and missing, trigger housing broken, otherwise fine with useable arms and legs! Complete, c8-9 (moderate sticker wear, minor chrome wear, otherwise nice). The toy was one of the most popular of all of the original figures from the original Transformers release in 1984, but because of that popularity, Starscreams are also in higher supply on the secondary market because they kept re-releasing the figure. Package is c8, figure is c8.5, Packaged (with foam tray), complete. C $205.51. Figure is c8-9 (factory sticker has worn off and missing rest of stickers for figure although the weapon stickers are accounted for and good, some joints are a bit loose, otherwise excellent with great chrome!). Pictures of outer box from all angles can be seen, Complete (rare 86 movie mail-away figure), complete (with Move Edition Certificate and instructions), c9 (minor sticker wear, slight chrome wear, otherwise excellent with good joints!) Figure is c9. Complete, c9-NEAR MINT (minor sticker wear, otherwise excellent with great chrome and joints). Package is c8.5, figure is c8.5. We'll sendyou a link to reset your password. Figure details: Sticker wear: moderate (mostly on gun mode) Chrome wear: minor Image of actual item can be seen here and here and here. You could add other, smaller robots to him to form cannons, like Brunt (who required a AA battery to light up his cannon). Complete, c7 (L leg broken off at hinge where hip connects, but all the usual breakage points are fine, light to moderate chrome wear, moderate to heavy sticker wear). We've sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Box is c8 (long 3 inch corner rip in upper L corner of box front, moderate edge wear, moderate flap crease, otherwise nice with robot points and tech specs still on box!) Item was reviewed on our, Figure only, c8, a bit loose, stickers have moderate wear and a few are misapplied, otherwise nice. TFL Lot V. Item guaranteed 1980s original and not a re-issue or knock-off, Complete, c9 (moderate sticekr wear, otherwise excellent with great chrome!). Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Figure is MINT (I mean it, I have been grading figures for many years, this guy is unused, item is basically sealed in package but R side flap has been opened). ), on the actual toy package it pretends as though he is a separate character vying for Decepticon leadership. ), Complete, c8 (moderaet sticker wear, light chrome wear, swivel joints a bit loose, but stands fine in robot mode, stock base missing L side post, silencer section has broken tip, otherwise nice), Complete, c8 (moderate to heavy sticker wear, light chrome wear, otherwise nice), Figure only, c7 (missing R arm, barrel connector broken, moderate to heavy sticker wear, otherwise fine with not bad chrome), Complete, c8-9 (light to moderate sticker wear, some non-critical joints a little loose, otherwise excellent with great chrome! Which Akatsuki Member Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Item guaranteed original and not a re-issue or knock-off unless stated in this description. Actual pictures can be seen. Figure is c9. (for JW), Complete, c8-9 (moderate wear on chest sticker, missing some decepticon symbols, loose joints could use a tightening, otherwise nice with great chrome!) Box is c8 (edge of L side flap has a couple long vertical rips, 3 inch diagonal rip on lower R corner of box front, robot points cut out, 3 small pieces of masking tape on front side of box flap, light edge wear, moderate corner wear, otherwise fine), Complete with fully unused sticker sheet, c9 (excellent but a few loose joints), Complete, c9 (light sticker fading on a couple decepticon symbols, otherwise excellent with great joints! Guaranteed 1980s original, Complete, c9 (light sticker wear, otherwise excellent with great chrome!) TFL Lot W. Item was reviewed on our, Boxed (with styrofoam insert), complete (with minty instructions). Takara designers were influenced by the Man From U.N.C.L.E. Item was reviewed on our, Figure only, c8, a bit loose, stickers have moderate wear, screws are a bit rusty. However, Megatron is well-known for being one of the most realistic-looking toy guns on the market, making it very controversial. Omega Supreme is a large guardian robot who transforms into a base with a rocket and a cannon. Complete, c8-9 (missing all stickers, light chrome wear, some scuffing on barrel, otherwise nice). A graded mint in box Starscream probably goes for a bit under $2,000 but come on, everyone still wants one! Starscream is a strange case. The Stunticons were members of the evil Deceptions who all represented stunt-driving cars. Same thing happened to Rodimus Prime (who almost made this list for similar reasons to Galvatron). Guaranteed 1980s original! Box is c8 (minor edge wear, light corner wear, small crease on right side of box top, some white sticker residue across left side of box back, otherwise nice with little to no flap crease!). I traded my friend Bryan for his Walther P38 and ordered a pair of … Package is c5, figure is c7, Packaged (with styrofoam tray), complete. Ending Oct 25 at 7:34PM PDT 4d 3h. His writing has been featured at ESPN.com, the Los Angeles Times, About.com, the Huffington Post and Gizmodo. ), Boxed (with styrofoam insert), complete (with instructions). Free postage. Figure is c8-9 due to some light to moderate sticker wear, otherwise excellent. or Best Offer. Figure is c8-9 (light to moderate sticker wear, some loose joints, otherwise nice with great chrome). There is an even more expensive mail away variant of Megatron that came out with the Transformers movie. Make Offer - Transformers Beast Wars Optimus Primal VS.Megatron Toys R Us 2-pk in Damaged Box Transformers Classics MEGATRON Complete Rid Universe Voyager 2006 $9.00 5d 7h Grimlock goes for a little over $2,000 graded mint condition sealed in the box.

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