The pros and cons of living in Denver make it evident that the city is not for everyone. On a Friday evening, it is not unusual for a 90-minute drive to turn into six hours. Here, we'll briefly list a few more of those. One difference between Denver and other large cities is the amount of weekend traffic headed out of the city toward the mountains. The recent influx of new residents, combined with road infrastructure that’s not really set up for massive growth has created major traffic issues in Denver and the surrounding areas. And we've included links to practical resources to help you in your decision. One of the newer industries in Colorado stems from its legalization of marijuana in 2012. Fast-paced living with a relaxed vibe is possible in any of the following city neighborhoods. There are activities such as hiking, rafting, skiing, camping, fishing, backpacking, biking hot springs, snowboarding, national parks and more! right now, our goal is to help you answer that question as honestly as possible. You may find that the job offer you receive does not pay for the home that you want. Credit scores are the most significant driving factor in deciding what mortgage loan you will be eligible for and what interest rate you will qualify at. We’re exploring some other reasons why you might want to stay or stay away. A significant number of neighborhoods in Denver residents complain about skyrocketing rent prices that make it tough to live there without a change in job compensation. Our AmeriCorps members help students feel welcome and connected to their school community, develop their strengths, and persist through challenges. It’s pretty to live here, and there are plenty of activities, but it can be a challenge to go out and about if you’re in a rush. The city is on and surrounded by mountains. If you don’t mind the prices, which average about $1,500 for an apartment per month, then you will have access to some stunning views. Pro Tip: Skin lotion and chapstick are two things every Denverite has with them at all times. According to JumpShell, the cost of living in Denver is only six percent higher than the national average. This is probably due to generally more affordable housing than other neighborhoods in Denver. In this article, we’ll discuss how to organize like a pro and weigh in on the good, the bad and the ugly for every house you are viewing. We coordinate local and long distance moving services in Denver and we would love to help. You may smell it, but you’ll rarely see people partaking, as it is still illegal to smoke in public. That means you’ll have more competition for the best-paying positions, but it is an effort that is worth making. Although the cost of living is relatively low in Denver, those figures sometimes exclude how much you must pay for rent or your mortgage when living in the city. If any newborn baby tests positive for THC, the hospital is advised to contact child protective services. There are plenty of weekend getaways that you will find one living here that are intensely entertaining and beautiful. Denver offers lots of fun weekend getaways to consider. 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The weeds in your yard don’t grow as fast because of the desert-like conditions. Bringing some kids along for the move? If pregnant, the CDPH advises strongly against the use of marijuana. With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, Denver is a place that makes your future look bright. Trendy coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, and home goods stores are starting to pop up everywhere.Average home prices: in the $500,000s. Living in Denver offers all the amenities of “Big City” life, without the major hassles of metropolises like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. The city is young, beautiful and active. If you don’t want to pay a higher utility bill, then take advantage of nature’s natural cooling effect by taking a day trip into the mountains. The Post reports that Colorado’s population growth is slowing down. 955% less expensive than the US average. United States. According to Glazer, weighing expected appreciation, even at modest rates of 6% (Denver’s historical average), against impending rent increases, it is still more advantageous to own vs. rent in the Denver market. All four of America’s favorite sports. © 2020 Copyright City Year at 287 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02116. Denver is also becoming a significant city. If you have access to a balcony or porch, then make sure that you take advantage of this benefit the first night you move to the city. Lauren is a graduate of the University of Colorado and earned her master’s degree from DePaul University. Denver has long been one of the best cities in the United States for brewing beer. Denver cost of living. This may come as a shock if you’re moving to Denver from a Tenessee or a South Carolina. You must budget another hour of travel time at minimum to ensure that you can reach your flight on time. Make sure to get enough sleep if the altitude makes you feel drowsy. Leverage the HOMEiA Platform to Show Your Clients or Team Real Results! The populace of Denver is active. When you do get into the winter snows, expect the measurement to be in feet instead of inches during the deepest part of the season. The concentration of breweries and microbreweries is one of the best in the country. What is Foreclosure Homes Mean and How It Work? He has owned and operated numerous businesses across the city, and he stays attuned to the mindset of local artists, proprietors and entrepreneurs. 10. Your company can administer drug tests and create policies banning the use of marijuana. 100National cost of living index. Is it the gorgeous mountain views that are drawing you in? Is moving to Denver better than visiting there? There are some trees, mostly evergreens, but even these don’t require you to spend a lot of time caring for them. This neighborhood is located in Southwest Denver and is bounded by South Sheridan, Hampden, Lowell, and Jewell. After all, Colorado is the number one destination for skiing in all of North America. Also, new arrivals seem to be preoccupied with a level of coolness which is quite foreign to a long-time resident.". You will see big blue skies above you throughout most of the year. It is easier to live in Denver because of the climate as well. We’ll discuss why insurance is so important to the first-time home buyer and help you make sure you’ve got this covered. Denver’s culture could be described as “city mountain west,” combining the best of urban excitement, the great outdoors, and western independence. Others big businesses include telecom companies (Comcast, CenturyLink, Dish Network), Wells Fargo, Xcel Energy and Ball Corporation. Since the city exploded with growth in the past decade, traffic within the metro can get congested too. Denver is a city that is relatively young. The quality of life in Denver is highly desirable, once you get used to the lack of oxygen. Denver produces and attracts a larger educated population; an impressive 41% of residents in the metro area have at least a bachelor’s degree. Denver often rises to the top of every best places to live, work, and play list, and not just because it’s the Mile-High City!,, Best Denver Suburbs for Young Professionals. Some of today’s top brands come from this region, including Falling Rock, Blue Moon, Breckenridge Brewer, and Renegade Brewing. “Bud-tenders” will walk you through the buying process and explain the effects the different strains may have on your body (Sativa, Indica, and hybrids). It even beats Washington, DC by over $300 per month. If you are a fan of sports then you’ll love Denver. Check out our Denver apartments for rent in some of the city’s best neighborhoods. If you prefer the ocean to the mountains, then Denver is a city that you may not appreciate after living there for some time. With strategy and organization, you’ll be able to actually enjoy the home buying process. Snowstorms can strike early or late—both September and May have an average snowfall of one inch, though October through April is a more typical range.

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