Those pet types missing were completed before I started writing, but I'll might add them later. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, Kwint (not so bad down here) all aquatics. I beat Kwint with Aquatics. Swap in Snarly. I did not care to repeat it so maybe I got lucky. Nope spending my time doing islands with people so horrible that bots would probably perform better. Hydraling - Shell Armor, Call Lightning, spam Tail Slap until dead. Eh, the Rogue Azerite one in Drustvar and Captured Evil in Stormsong were a bit difficult for a couple of families. It only works for a team of lvl 25s. I agree. Just trade attacks with them, you win. Thanks, Amayita. Thing is, if you win, 1 or more pets will be level 2, so you have to find new lvl1 pets next time. swap in Hydraling. Pinch 7. Kwint is an undead located at the bottom of the sea in Tiragarde Sound. lol, If you have 3 level 1 rare (blue) beast pets, it’s a bit easy. World of Warcraft Pet Battle guides - your one-stop place for strategies to beat all WoW pet battle quests, achievements and opponents! Kwint’s pets will be all lvl 1’s so they could only use 1 type of attack too. If you’re trying for achievement, look at strategies other listed above. G’Nathus - Lightning Shield, Swallow, Paralyzing Shock, Swallow [G’Nathus dies or has low life]] spam Swallow until G’Nathus dies. The problem with this, is then the achievement won’t count. Eh, the Rogue Azerite one in Drustvar and Captured Evil in Stormsong were a bit difficult for a couple of families. Sandstorm and Lilly dies 8. The question was how to beat him with an all aquatic team for Family Familiar. Tried maybe six or eight other combos before this one. As he waited for help, the sharks attacked and killed a large majority of his crew. Iron Starlette can take out any 1 pet that can’t otherwise avoid a super charged attack. Tentacle Slap Switch to Ghaz'rooki Geyser Swallow you Whole until dead Switch in Inky Whirlpool Tentacle Slap (I think) Geyser stuns Bruce and Chum is switched in. Kwint - Master Pet Trainer Guide by Laffi - Ravencrest. Pinch 4. Kwint (not so bad down here) all aquatics . I used Spawn of G’Nathus (1, 2, 2), Snarley (or Chuck) (1, 1, 2) and Hydraling (2, 1, 1). Completing Kwint was done over many weeks, and was for me the hardest Master Pet Trainer to beat with all types. If you have three level 1 rare (blue) mechanical pets (e.g. Good luck. The difficulty comes in when you’re favorite level 1 dings 2 and he’s no longer eligible for this strategy. Save Shell Armor until the last enemy swaps in. … Spawn, Tundra Penguin, and Swamp Croaker. For some reason not all of them are listed in the basic WoW UI. When his ship was sinking, he found himself surrounded by sharks. This strat worked for me after about 2 hours of dying. P.S. He was once owned a boat with a crew of three hundred and twenty three. Snarly - Rip, Blood in the Water, spam Surge until he is dead. This takes certain attacks away from his arsenal and he’s easy to defeat. I, for one, haven’t been going for achievement, I only do him when there is a pet stone or tokens as the reward and my method is the quick and dirty approach to finishing him on each of my three Horde characters. Pet Battles. Pinch 3. lol. My third is nether faerie dragon. Just trade attacks with them, you win. Hope this helps. Use Tail Slap until the enemy dies. Wow this is a hard one. This was one of the harder trainers I came across. Second on my team I use lifelike mechanical boar threw up decoy then rocket, maws is pretty low by the time my 2nd goes down due to his rez. Gameplay. Needed some favorable RNG on frog’s tongue lashes, but got that on the first try I used this combo. There may be a few fights you'll need to attempt more than once. Zunde: Kudo’s to kwint for being the only one to make me actually try. Hobbyist Aquarist Sandyback Crawler (1/1/2- P/P breed), Tiny Blue Carp (2/2/2), Emerald Turtle (1/1/1) 1. I use Anubisath idol as my first, Demolish (Mech type) 50% hit hits hard usually around 1100, he can usually take out the first two; second shark gets hit pretty hard with sandstorm.

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