She told me right after the accident, 'I pulled on the hand brake but it wouldn't stop. she played a wife whose husband is trying to kill her. C'est un drame dont la famille princière de Monaco se souvient encore. Charlène et Albert de Monaco : les jumeaux qui changent tout ! On September 13th 1982, a car was making its way down twisting French mountain roads when it missed a turn, flew through the air, tumbled down a cliff and crashed into a flower seller’s backyard. Grace Kelly played the role of princess well for 25 years… at least on the outside. Grace Kelly was normally driven by a chauffeur, but on the day of the crash her daughter Stephanie had said she wanted to keep some dresses in the back seat to avoid them getting wrinkly. Suite à l'accident de la route tragique qui a coûté la vie de Grace Kelly, Stéphanie de Monaco a été accablée par une rumeur affirmant qu'elle était au volant du véhicule accidenté, 10/12 - Her skeptical parents (who had to pull some strings for the prestigious school that counts Gene Tierney, Kate Hepburn, Spencer Tracy and Kirk Douglas amongst its alumni) agreed to only pay for one year’s tuition. En 1982, les rumeurs autour de la mort de Grace Kelly dans un accident de la route ont défrayé la chronique. This was thanks to interviews given by the man who first found the scene of the crash. The brakes don't work. Roc Agel, high up in the mountains of Monaco. In fact, film director Alfred Hitchcock had seen glimpses of the beautiful Hollywood leading lady’s dark side, and once described her as a “snow-capped volcano – full of fire under the ice.“, Born November 12, 1929 to Jack Kelly, a wealthy Philadelphia construction contractor (and former Olympic champion) and his wife Margaret, Grace Patricia Kelly was constantly forced to vie for her father’s attention amongst her three other siblings. Tim Roth et Nicole Kidman interprèteront Rainier III et Grace Kelly dans "Grace de Monaco", En savoir plus sur la gestion de vos données et vos droits, TEMOIGNAGE. Now that Grace Kelly had reached the height of her career, she embarked on an entirely new adventure: she met Prince Reinier III of Monaco, they fell in love and he proposed. Days later, doctors would confirm that they had found evidence of Grace having a "cerebral vascular incident." Grace Kelly's Film Career Information over at IMDB.COM. Perhaps she intended to do the moral thing. Grace Kelly was now Princess Grace of Monaco. After returning to Broadway, Grace would continue her romance with actor Gene Lyons. Grace Kelly came from a wildly athletic and sociable family. Suite à l'accident de la route tragique qui a coûté la vie de Grace Kelly, Stéphanie de Monaco a été accablée par une rumeur affirmant qu'elle était au volant du véhicule accidenté, 8/12 - Grace Kelly's 1955 Oscar acceptance speech for her performance in COUNTRY GIRL. Grace's chauffeur brought out the princess's 11-year-old Rover, and offered to drive, but Grace insisted that she could do so, as they couldn't fit three people in the car with the luggage. Facing middle age and a slight weight problem, the pudgy prince decided he needed a wife and heirs to his throne. en plus la voiture etait dans un sale état, Votre adresse de messagerie est uniquement utilisée pour vous envoyer notre newsletter. The car was so packed full of belongings, Princess Grace suggested to the  chauffeur that she would drive them by herself… bad decision! Camille Gottlieb enlace un bel inconnu dans une piscine : ce cliché qui ravit les fans ! . {googleads}, To Europe and Then New YorkForegoing college, young Grace would instead choose a trip to Europe and then enrollment in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. La première est que le côté droit de la voiture est totalement démoli, mais que Stephanie sensée y être n'est au final pas si blessée que cela, la seconde est naturellement que Stephanie est sortie par l'avant droit de la voiture passant par dessus sa mère et le volant, ce qui est plus que compliqué, surtout étant blessée. De son côté, Stéphanie de Monaco s'en est sortie avec une fracture cervicale et une multitude de séquelles psychologiques. Inscrivez-vous à la Newsletter de pour recevoir gratuitement les dernières actualités. Contrary to popular belief, this was not the same road on which she drove in her 1955 movie, TO CATCH A THIEF. But so did Grace Kelly and Gary Cooper as an item. Grace Patricia Kelly (Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Verenigde Staten, 12 november 1929 – La Colle, Monaco, 14 september 1982) was een Amerikaanse actrice die later de gemalin werd van prins Reinier III van Monaco.In het Nederlandse en Duitse taalgebied is zij ook bekend als prinses Gracia, maar officieel is haar voornaam altijd Grace gebleven. Get her out!” The unconscious Grace was removed by smashing the vehicle’s rear window. Then the car started to swerve, before going full speed ahead over the cliff. I can't stop.' Son fils aîné n'a pas oublié cet événement tragique. Grace Kelly Once Lived Here. Fearing that the princess may survive as a helpless invalid, the royal palace attempted a cover up of the extent of her injuries. It was the last house Grace would ever set foot in. Moment complice avec le Prince Albert II (PHOTOS), Fête Nationale de Monaco : Charlène de Monaco et le Prince Albert présentent les jumeaux au balcon (PHOTOS), Des escrocs usurpent l'identité du prince Albert de Monaco pour soutirer de l'argent, Albert de Monaco : "J'aime bien Les Experts et Game of Thrones". In Dial M for Murder, she played a wife whose husband is trying to kill her. With Absolute Grace - The Official Grace Kelly Fanlisting. She said that Mommy was in a complete panic. Her father, a self-made man, exuded extreme confidence and never failed to dominate anyone around him… including his children. Stephanie revealed in an interview that Grace had been having a headache, and seemed to black out for a moment. A motorist driving behind the Princess’s vehicle would report seeing the Rover swerving erratically back and forth. Il aura fallu attendre 2014 pour que la vérité soit rétablie. After she was catapulted into the limelight with her first role as Gary Cooper’s love interest in. After she was catapulted into the limelight with her first role as Gary Cooper’s love interest in High Noon, Grace soon started appearing alongside some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and came into her own when she began working with the famous British director Alfred Hitchcock. UPDATE: *Thanks to Morbidly Hollywood© friend Davie B., we've updated the story to reflect that Princess Grace was indeed driving a Rover P6, not an SD-1 as was originally reported. Ce mode permet d'optimiser le confort de lecture et de réduire la fatigue oculaire. Suite à l'accident de la route tragique qui a coûté la vie de Grace Kelly, Stéphanie de Monaco a été accablée par une rumeur affirmant qu'elle était au volant du véhicule accidenté, 6/12 - She lived at the Barbizon Hotel for Women on 63rd Street. Everything looked perfect, but it wouldn’t stay that way for long…. Car en parvenant à s'extraire du véhicule par la portière avant-gauche, côté conducteur, elle a rapidement été la cible d'une terrible rumeur affirmant qu'elle était au volant de la Rover. Princess Grace was a moral woman I think. The couple was married four months later on April 18, 1956. She deserves to have the main part of the history presented. He concluded that mechanical failure did not cause the crash; the Palace’s official statement was incorrect. L'une d'entre elles ciblait Stéphanie de Monaco, accusée d'avoir été au volant de la Rover princière. Within two hours of the crash, the palace released a statement. Grace decided she and her daughter would drive down alone. About two miles outside of La Turbie, Grace missed a particularly sharp turn, sending the car over a 120-foot slope. "It was an incident which, if it occurred at home—well, she might have sat down and perhaps felt better soon," he said. So who drove the car? Grace Kelly : Son accident de voiture, un traumatisme pour Stéphanie La princesse Caroline, le prince Rainier et le prince Albert aux obsèques de Grace Kelly en 1982. At 9:30 in the morning, with Stephanie in the passenger seat and Princess Grace behind the wheel, the car would set out down a narrow, treacherous and windy road, CD37 (Route de La Tourbie). Her father, Jack, was a three-time Olympic gold medalist in sculling (rowing). He and Dr. Chatelain insisted that the palace's incorrect messaging lead to suspicions that Stephanie was at the wheel, and that Grace didn't receive proper medical care. Conformément à la loi "Informatique et libertés" du 6 janvier 1978 modifiée, vous disposez d'un droit d'accès, de modification et de suppression des données vous concernant. Contrary to popular belief and counter to what would have made a much more juicy urban legend, Grace Kelly did not crash on the same bit of roadway as where she drove in the 1955 film To Catch a Thief. In StateThe body of Princess Grace would lay in state in her open coffin until September 18, when a funeral was conducted in the same cathedral where she was married 26 years earlier.

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