Rolls Royce. Flatrock Compression safely provides rental gas compression services for natural gas producers and midstream companies, as well as contract field services for customer-owned equipment throughout Texas, southeastern New Mexico, western Louisiana and the panhandle of Oklahoma. Learn more, To be the standard of excellence in compression service against which all others are measured. Rolls-Royce Holdings plc is a British multinational public holding company that, through its various subsidiaries, designs, manufactures and distributes power systems for aviation and other industries. Alternatively, Micronics’s system offers reduced costs, less footprint, less complexity, low maintenance, increased throughput, and is portable.  |  Consistently rated amongst the world's best universities, Imperial is committed to developing the next generation of researchers, scientists and academics through collaboration across disciplines. Other times, it’s contracted out to other parties. Every aspect of our business is designed to keep your equipment up and running, lowering Lease Operating Expenses (LOE) and increasing your profits. EXLP commented that the reduction in drilling activity negatively affected its business during that period. Value Proposition: The value of Luminit’s LSD is in capability to shape the light and provide the illumination superior in quality and more cost-efficient than other technologies. Industries include: Machine Tools, Vacuum Equipment, HVACR - Chillers - Aircycle, Gas Compression. Gas Compression Companies in Houston on The prospect of oil-free operation, active vibration control, on-line balancing and fitness for high rotational speed to reduce size of the equipment surely will raise heads among designers of turbomachinery, while increased reliability and remote monitoring will thrill plant managers. GasLiner’s leading-edge technology facilitates and eases the transition of transportation market from diesel to cheaper, less polluting, environmentally sound and more sustainable natural gas/biomethane. Natural gas compression services are used to transport natural gas. One area the MicroDesalTM is particularly well suited for is the controversial practice of shale gas hydrofracturing, i.e., fracking. Flatrock Compression, Ltd., is a Natural Gas Compression Leasing and Service company based in Houston, Texas. If the liquids accumulate sufficiently, they can fill the whole pipe diameter and then be pushed along as a slug, reaching the next gas treatment plant or compression turbine and wreaking havoc. Development Status: Prototype. Located in the heart of London, Imperial is a multidisciplinary space for education, research, translation and commercialisation, harnessing science and innovation to tackle global challenges. Natural gas compression services are also used to get the commodity into and out of storage and processing facilities. Less dramatically, but possibly worse financially, the presence of liquids in the tubes where gas meters are placed can affect the measurement and lead to over or undercharging. The Company offers a full suite of integrated midstream services including natural gas gathering, processing, compression and treating, crude oil and condensate gathering and stabilization, produced water gathering and disposal, and product marketing. With over 15 million vehicles in the world currently using CNG, our focus is now on finding companies to partner with and/or investment to exploit the business opportunity for our product which has significant advantages over competing technologies both in design life, through life cost, operation and market readiness. Twitter Our technology, based on solid state materials and water, is capable of replacing standard gas compression cooling or heating solutions in compliance with current and future f-gase regulation standards until 2030. Process Vision has found a way to safely install optical inspection and measurement cameras on the pipelines. Listed Company. Luminit’s holographic technology based products are compact, control light beams very efficiently and more diverse than traditional optics based devices at lower cost. Compression is often used to get natural gas from low-pressure wells to gathering systems, and to maintain production as reservoir pressure declines. Carnot has designed and built a unique centrifugal compressor utilizing the weight of water to compress gas with a proprietary impeller. Turbo Power Systems (TPS) designs and delivers innovative high-speed permanent magnet machines and power electronic systems for the Transportation, Energy, Industrial and Defence markets. These companies affect the Oppenheimer SteelPath MLP Funds Trust (AMLP). It had an announced order book of £71.6 billion as of January 2014. Exterran fabricates an extensive range of state-of-the-art compression packages. Information contained on this website, the Flatrock logo, and other proprietary information displayed on this site belongs solely to Flatrock Compression, Ltd., and is protected under copyright. The home refueling solution is the missing link for widespread compressed natural gas distribution. EXLP notes: However, prolonged low natural gas prices could cause upstream producers to scale back natural gas drilling activity and could dampen demand for natural gas compression services as a result. Plus, because oil-targeted drilling also generates natural gas production, a scale-back in oil drilling could also negatively affect demand for natural gas compression services. Submit a Company Exterran Partners represents a pure-play natural gas compression name that provides contract natural gas compression services and is the largest independent provider of compression in the U.S. EXLP has a special relationship with its general partner, Exterran Holdings (EXH). Primary Application Area: Electronics, Sensors & Communications Technology. Our developed cutting-edge energy conversion solutions allow cooling and heating, low pressure systems (approx. Funded by a group of top-tier investors, we lead the industry as one of the only companies in North America to have made major advancements in this important technology in the past 50 years. Flatrock Compression safely provides rental gas compression services for natural gas producers and midstream companies, as well as contract field services for customer-owned equipment throughout Texas, southeastern New Mexico, western Louisiana and the panhandle of Oklahoma. Top gas compression Companies Top ranked companies for keyword search: gas compression. Several other midstream companies, such as Access Midstream (ACMP) and Regency Energy (RGP), perform natural gas compression among a suite of other services. In list of applications we present machines where our Active Magnetic Bearings were decisive in tackling a specific design challenge. (When Cookies Enabled). Swagelok is a privately held international company, focusing on the manufacture and sale of gas and fluid systems components, such as tube fittings, valves, tubing, and gauges. Our broad gas compression product range includes small, rotary screw units, complex, high-horsepower reciprocating units capable of either onshore or offshore deployment anywhere in the world. Every gas processing and gathering facility incorporates some type of compression. Read more » Compression Services. MagnoTherm Solutions is an emerging university spin-off from Technische Universität Darmstadt with world leading expertise in permanent magnets and magnetic cooling. Demand for our compression services is linked more directly to natural gas consumption and production than to exploration activities, which helps limit our direct exposure to commodity price risk.”, “Even the perception of longer-term lower oil or natural gas prices by oil and natural gas exploration, development and production companies can result in their decision to cancel, reduce or postpone major expenditures or to reduce or shut in well production.”. It also has an international network of business associates, distributors and representatives in Latin America, Europe and Asia. Exterran’s closest comp is USA Compression Partners (USAC), another pure-play natural gas compression company. With our 100% green technology, we are able to meet the world's fast growing demand of clean and sustainable cooling and heating applications. HOE technology is divided in regular HOE and substrate-guided wave-based HOE. CSI Compressco is a provider of compression services and equipment for natural gas and oil production, gathering, transportation, processing and storage. Directory of Companies. The demand for natural gas compression services depends on the supply and demand dynamics of natural gas and oil. It was founded in 1947 by Fred A. Lennon in Cleveland, Ohio and in 1965, it moved to Solon, Ohio, where its headquarters remain. Imperial College London is a world top ten university with an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. GasLiner economically efficient CNG (incl. The RCG system is truly unique, as it is capable of providing both steam and power at fast response times. 0.5 bar), 40% more efficiency, F-gas regulation compliance, explosion free and non-imflammable usage, efficient scalability in all sizes (from 0.5 to 5 kW) for thermal energy conversion units in decentralized, mid-range powered applications for following industries: food and beverage displays, transportation cooling, server cooling, battery cooling, air conditioning, and heat pumps. Facilities not only realize a boost in revenue from increased product throughput, but they also benefit from decreased energy expenses and greenhouse gas mitigation. LinkedIn (Note that “dry gas” means gas with little natural gas liquids content. Rolls-Royce was the world's 16th-largest defence contractor in 2011 and 2012 when measured by defence revenues. These HOE can be implemented either for imaging or non-imaging purposes. HYGEN is a company with a novel gas compression technology for home-based compressed natural gas refueling stations for bi-fuel vehicles. Compass specializes in creataing standard and customized,High-Performance Process and Compression Packages. EXLP notes in its 10-K: In mid-2012, natural gas prices fell to lows of ~$2 per MMBtu, causing some companies to halt natural gas drilling, particularly in areas that were more mature or drier. Plus, compression is used to move natural gas throughout gathering systems and pipeline systems and maintain pressure over long distances. Exterran engages in oil and natural gas production, processing, transportation and other related applications. Currently (2013.12) there are mainly three segments: Contract Operations segment, Aftermarket Services segment, Fabrication segment. Meanwhile, EXLP notes that compression services for unconventional natural gas sources (like shale plays) have comprised a growing percentage of the company’s business. EXLP’s outlook is that the U.S. natural gas compression services industry has the potential to grow over the long term, as higher unconventional natural gas production and aging natural gas fields will require natural gas compression services to maintain a certain level of production. What drives demand for natural gas compression services? No other cooling technology offers this control and Rebound accomplishes it with a 40 percent efficiency gain. To find out more about how EXLP and its 4Q13 earnings results, read on to the next part of this series. In 2013, while natural gas prices improved somewhat, prices remained relatively low from a long-term context. New Package Sales. Our bearings allow contact-free levitation of your rotor, thus, being free of wear and tear; they don’t require lubrication and offer a host of possibilities previously unheard of. Exterran Holdings, Inc'. Export. 2013,.4, Exterran Partners LP acquired compression assets from the Exterran.

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