Red yeast rice is capable of lowering blood cholesterol levels and total blood cholesterol levels. Red yeast rice is produced by growing a red yeast (Monascus purpureus) on rice. The doctor had seen studies in her medical journals that showed that red yeast rice, combined with healthy lifestyle changes, is as effective at reducing cholesterol as the statin … While the supplement is generally considered safe, it might carry the same potential side effects as statin cholesterol drugs. This is also an ingredient found in the statin lovastatin. The active ingredient in red yeast rice is a compound called monacolins, which blocks the production of cholesterol. Red yeast rice might cost less than a statin. This is important news for those who cannot take (or would prefer not to take) statin … A newly published, randomized–controlled trial has concluded that a natural supplement, red yeast rice, had significant cholesterol-lowering properties. It has been used as a food, food coloring and medicine in some Asian cultures for over a thousand years. It’s what gives Peking duck its distinctive coloration. But, she said, he could take an over-the-counter red yeast rice supplement with “natural statins” that would lower his LDL level if he wanted. Statins are the most commonly prescribed medication to control cholesterol.

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