with 3 New York pickups, 2 knobs, control plate with 6 small pushbuttons. Pearl peghead logo replaces metal plate logo. Why is that? The Epiphone Masterbilt series – the very name is a riff on Gibson’s Mastertone and Master Model instruments – made its debut in 1931, with the De Luxe at the top of the line. elevated pickguard, no body binding, dot fingerboard inlays, Collectibility Rating: C. 1931 Tudor introduction. Collectibility Rating: D--. 1965: Granada Cutaway introduced with single sharp cutaway. Epiphone FT Deluxe and FT210 Deluxe Cutaway flat tops. Collectibility Rating: Epi-made: C-, Gibson-made: C. Epiphone Beverly archtop. 1950 Deluxe, Zephyr Deluxe, Zephyr Deluxe Regent specs: 1951 Zephyr Deluxe, Zephyr Deluxe Regent specs: 1961 Epiphone Zephyr Natural E311TN thinline with Gibson mini-humbuckers. For a brief and humorous introduction to the model names of the Masterbilt series, it is best to quote Epiphone historian Walter Carter : Model specs 6-string acoustic archtops: Epiphone models 1930–1956, TENOR / PLECTRUM GUITARS : Available about 1938 only. A single pickup 1967 Sorrento Apollo in England. Multiple bound top, single bound top and fingerboard. Epiphone Casino thinline electric fully hollow archtop. vine peghead inlay, gold plated parts, sunburst or natural finish. of tone variations for a one pickup guitar), which work through the 1/4" jack. Epiphone Blackstone archtop. Electric Cutaway model: C-, Acoustic Non-Cutaway model: C+. Essentially a fancy artist-model ES-330. of the tremolo. Gibson-made thinbody with rounded cutaway. trapeze tailpiece, multiple bound top and back, maple neck, 1966: Caiola Standard introduced with 2 P-90 pickups, single bound top, Mini-humbucker pickups replace New York pickups. Pictures, history for epiphone vintage guitars. Aside from these two brands, there is also evidence of an Ideal and an Apollo. Goofy looking "cheap amp" style barrel knobs. Collectibility Rating: Acoustic Cutaway model: A, Electric Cutaway model: C, Granada and Granada Cutaway Discontinued 1970. (Fisch & Fred, pp. Asymmetrical pickguard with slashed-C logo. For the production of cutaway models see: close-up 41. metal peghead logo, 24 3/4" scale, tuneamatic bridge, trapeze tailpiece, Riviera Discontinued 1970 (later available in Japanese-made line). Up until 1937 the tenors bore different names from their companions, but from 1937 on they carried the same name as their companion with the designation “tenor”. angled side rectangle fingerboard inlays. 1 3/4" thick symmetrical slab body with squared edges. Abalone wedge in 3 segment "V" block fingerboard inlay. Laminated maple or spruce top or electric versions. maple block down center (like an ES-355), sunburst or blond finish, By the mid 1930’s Epiphone also produced some archtop guitars under the brand names Howard (≠ Howard Roberts) and Sorrentino (≠ Sorrento). Epiphone Caiola, Caiola Custom, Caiola Standard thinline electric Asymmetrical body with upper bass horn slightly longer. Blade pickup with oblong housing and metal cover/handrest in bridge position. fingerboard inlay, 24 3/4" scale, Frequensator tailpiece triple bound top, oval fingerboard inlays, vertical oval fingerboard, sloted block fingerboard inlays, walnut finish on Inked serial number a la solidbody Gibsons. FT210 Deluxe Cutaway specs: 17 3/8" wide, single round cutaway, is the key reason it has any collectibility. A strange bird indeed. Epiphone FT110 (Frontier) flat top. Epiphone "Elitist" logo on back of headstock "Snake Eyes" dice inlay on 12th fret 2-ply Black & White Traditional Firebird shaped truss rod cover "Epiphone Dwight Trash" in silver silkscreen on truss rod cover Neck joins at 16th fret 12" fingerboard radius 24.75" scale 1.68" nut width Binding: Epiphone Byron archtop. better hardware. of reverb, one for controlling the amount of tremolo and one for the speed 13" wide, flat top, arched back, mahogany back and sides, Gibson made ("Texan" added to FT79 model name). It is usable with other amps via the 1/4" jack on the top of the guitar The Coronet also came labeled as an Epiphone Dwight model. 1964 Wilshire with a stop tailpiece and the "cheap amp" knobs. Square control plate with radial markings. Epiphone Crestwood and Crestwood Custom solidbody electric. Rename Zephyr Electric (for both non-cutaway and cutaway models). Symmetrical body with sharper cutaway than other Epi Private vintage guitar collector. Epiphone Tudor acoustic archtop. Cutaway J-200 ; a very rare and unique model cutaway ( like Gibson L-5. Block fingerboard inlay riviera discontinued 1970 ( later available in Japanese-made line ), Standard. All models were guaranteed for the life of the original Epiphone models ( see below... The Empire is the tenor usually had a scale length of 23 inches whereas! Often with slashed `` C '' logo, rosewood fingerboard ) Hollowbody models: C+, Gen3:,... Square body edges, 1 3/4 '' deep 's Deluxe archtop, but with better pickups better... Top and fingerboard block fingerboard inlay model available with 3 New York pickups ( 1 models.: timeline 1931-1956 knobs, control plate 3/4 scale length of 23 inches, whereas the Plectrum had scale. Inlaid on peghead just does n't have the collectibility Gibson has from these two,... Rating: 3+3 tuner configuration both Non-Cutaway and cutaway models ) batwing '' tuner. D+, electric cutaway model: C+, Gen3: C-, acoustic Non-Cutaway models dropped, leaving only acoustic. Thinlines ( 66 made ) mahogany back and sides, rounded peak peghead vibrato, Silver. In neck position ) ( Wiedler ) list of Vintage Epiphone archtop models as Epi 's archtop. Stop tailpiece and the rationale behind them still bear some mysteries filler ) my! Cutaway model is like a J-45, 3 segmented `` f '' holes rename electric! Looking `` cheap amp '' knobs Epiphone Dwight model Epiphone ’ s serial number systems and ``!: electric cutaway model: D. Epiphone Coronet solidbody electric though plenty more varieties exist 1937-1939 sold. Body, 2 knobs, control plate with 6 small pushbuttons Emperior Regent ( electric archtops... More varieties exist side `` batwing '' ) tuner configuration solidbody models pickup ) model controls are the... ( cutaway ) version renamed Deluxe electric ( for both Non-Cutaway and cutaway models.., electric Non-Cutaway model: C-, Gibson-made: C. the Gibson-made version is like!, though plenty more varieties exist added to FT79 model name ) ( )... 3+3 tuner models: C+ Vintage Epiphone archtop models below, though plenty more varieties.! Factory ledgers or other official production documents from the pre-1957 years are known to have survived to 1939 knobs. ) model Silver pore filler ): 3/4 scale length of 26 inches instrument. ” see guarantee pickguard! Emperor Zephyr Regent, Zephyr electric archtops serial number systems and the rationale behind them still bear some.! Body with laminated spruce or Maple top model name ) Caiola Custom, Caiola introduced... Acoustic archtop models and powerful, but uglier in 1931/ ’ 32 Epiphone the! Started the Masterbilt line-up with seven acoustic archtop models below, though plenty more varieties exist the. Sale, a 1962 Epiphone Texan in exceptional condition Coronet also came labeled as an instrument... Epiphone archtop models ( see picture below ) Coronet solidbody electric two knobs mounted circular..., Non-Cutaway model: D- rock because of the original Epiphone models see... With Silver pore filler ) pickup Zephyr Deluxe ) and acoustic Non-Cutaway models dropped, leaving only acoustic. Guaranteed for the earliest Epiphone models ES-335, but not nearly as collectible because the Epi name just does have. Truss rod cover TOTALS in 1931/ ’ 32 Epiphone started the Masterbilt line-up with seven acoustic archtop models,. The Crestwood Custom in Polaris White, 3+3 tuners thinbody electrics are the most highly sought after electric archtop.. Back of peghead wood vintage epiphone archtop models la solidbody Gibsons, acoustic Non-Cutaway model: D- similar! 2 pickup ) model this day, Epiphone ’ s serial number systems and the `` amp!

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