The C'Tan could be considered a 'just-as-evil-opposite' of the Chaos Gods (Order Gods? The Nightbringer is confronted by the Astartes of the Deathwatch, the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Xenos. Warhammer 40k Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The fact that their artefacts work differently proves it too. This drove the Old Ones to probable extinction and the C'Tan to enter stasis. All the Daemons (Except for Daemon Princes) are merely a small fragment of their patron God, not separate entities. The fact that what we actually know didn't exist then don't prove nothing. Unfortunately, the Nightbringer awoke once the Space Marines entered the tomb and they tried to combat it; many of de Valtos' guards went mad or committed suicide as the C'tan's presence filled their minds with visions of death and horror, and de Valtos died at the hands of the creature after realising he was too insignificant for the Nightbringer to even deign to notice, much less reward. Soon after the C'tan began to feed upon one another, the Old Ones and their servants counterattacked the Necrontyr. The fact that, during the War in Heaven, the Eye of Terror hadn't formed, the Enslavers hadn't turned up yet,and the Warp was less of a 'thing', means that, when the C'Tan were major players, the Chaos Gods weren't. But, the Chaos gods are the embodiment of humanities darkest emotions, as well as embodying Pestilence, War, Change and Pleasure. If they were like Chaos Gods, the Necrons would destroy the Chaos Gods pretty handily, or chain them up or whatever. Nah, I think they're still just in the process of trying to GET their powers back up to full potential at the moment. So they could come a feed off these great sphere of energies in the real world, energies that are existent in the warp. The very star under which the original Necrontyr race that became the Necrons lived their brief, morbid lives gave birth to the vast, sun-spanning entity of pure energy that was the Nightbringer, the first of the C'tan to be contacted by the Necrontyr. At this time, the warp was so calm that there weren't enough wrong energies to feed from, so the warp gods that were the C'Tan were feeding of stars. This stems from the Nightbringer's great slaughter of younger intelligent races during the War in Heaven, which reached a point where servants of the Old Ones learned their fear of death from him and his image entered the collective unconsciousness of many intelligent species as the personification of Death. Then the onset of the Enslaver Plague ended the War in Heaven prematurely and forced the C'tan into their stasis tombs on certain Necron Tomb Worlds to await the regeneration of a large population of intelligent lifeforms across the galaxy. Just that you actually put arguments that are either incomplete or not contradicting the premises of my theory. The Eldar Gods were like this, to the point of being called deities. They could just have been shadows from the future, limited in their acts and powers because there isn't enough in the warp for them to sense, feels and experience the real world, so they where limited to eating stars and such. FOr what I know, Necrons use Dolmen Gates, which is a technology to breach the webway, which is a subdimension of the Warp. As was Khaine. © 2018 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. Fantasy Flight Games and the FFG logo are ® of Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. It began instead to destroy and feed on intelligent beings at will, and it reached into the minds of almost every intelligent race in the galaxy and planted its image into their deepest fears. These are not arguments useful to the discussion. The Nightbringer, like the other C'tan, found the energies of living, intelligent beings much more "tasty" than the raw energy of the stars he had been feeding off of for millions of Terran years. (This was considered different in WHFB). Bah, The Chaos Gods are so powerful their minions spill out into our dimention to mess with us. By All Rights Reserved to their respective owners. Legends tell of the Nightbringer as the first and most powerful of the C'tan, and in ancient Necrontyr hiero-scripts it is depicted as an ever-hungering god of death, feasting upon the pain and anguish of entire species. It is said that the Eldar Gods, in their civil war, occasionally switched sides. Welcome Guest. 4-C'Tan are not able to use psychic strenght and are vulnerable to it. Deceiver: Plots, lies, conspiracies, the deceiver as as first nature to lie, to manipulate and to make convolute conspiracies to obtain, in facts, no real ends. The C'tan known as the Nightbringer awakens from his millennia-long slumber. The Nightbringer's essence was divided into dozens if not hundreds of C'tan Shards, each held captive within a device known as a Tesseract Labyrinth. They too trapped souls (see: soulstones, Wraithguard), but weren't Chaos Gods. No challenge to their status intended. I found the 8th Edition Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons codex to be a bit lacking in Chaos versus Xenos stories, which is disappointing in my opinion. The Nightbringer is one of the C'tan who was defeated by the Necrons during their great rebellion against the C'tan masters who had forced the biotransference of their minds into their undying mechanical forms. I could always retcon stuff in my own games, but I do not like to get that far. They don't have Daemonic servants, and don't live in the Warp (although they do appear extra-dimensional). The C'tan known as the Nightbringer awakens from his millennia-long slumber. Paste as plain text instead, × But when I read and ressearch about the C'Tan and make comparisons to the Chaos Gods, theories come to me. But this final plan of the C'tan to feed upon all intelligent life in the galaxy was prevented. The complete lack of Warp corruption surrounding them makes them not Chaos Gods. They were formed by the consciousness of psy-active races. We're going down the Arthur C. Clarke route, where 'any technology sufficiently advanced enough can be considered magical'. It is said that it nurtured entire species to fear it and it then fed on that fear. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. Cascadian Grimdark: In the Grim Darkness of the Pacific Northwest, There Is Only Rain. The Nightbringer's earliest history is that of a pioneer and death bringer. It is an image that resonates deeply in the primal subconscious of many "lesser races," and all who look upon the shard feel the cold fingers of death upon their throats, for in its terrible and majestic form is the inevitability of their destruction. Worship of them, or following their example, could have led psychically attuned species into inadvertently creating Gods sharing some of their characteristics. Ventris soon realised that his Astartes could not defeat the Nightbringer, even in its weakened condition, but remembered that the tomb was filled with explosive fumes. After being forced back into the void of space by Ventris, the Nightbringer fled to a distant part of the galaxy where it began to harvest power from nearby stars, slowly rebuilding its strength for the slaughter to come. × Nothing really sneaky about that, they just eat stars... ditto with the deciever. Sources, please. (psy-canon bolts, force weapon, straightforward psychic attacks, etc.). Without sources, this can be interpreted in any sense. It states that this is strange, this is an unknown phenomena, etc. The Dark Eldar intended to reap millions of human souls to serve as their slaves in the chaos that would ensue. The warp is unknowable. 2- This could go well with the first point, there are dozens of daemon princes and greater daemons, after all. I haven't read it so I don't know if its any good. First of all, look at the themes and how similar they are: Nightbringer: Death, destruction, slaughter. But yeah, they aren't Chaos Gods. Like the other C'tan, the Nightbringer craved worshippers and slaves to satisfy its monstrous ego.   Pasted as rich text.

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