At this stage, if you don’t get expert help, a quick Google of awards for your industry should give you a good starting point in your research. Address: Unit 502, Give yourself time to collate info and write. With the entry deadline of 19 May fast approaching, there’s no better time to start your entry following our top tips. Sign up to our newsletter for insights, trends and news from Blueprint Interiors. Copyright © 2020 The British Chambers of Commerce. Finally, proof-read your writing. Avoid copy and pasting text, the tone of your writing should be consistent and a snippet of lifted text is easily recognisable. Creating an awards strategy is the first step to success as it makes sure you are in the right race in the first place! One of the simplest and most important tips to follow is to carefully read your application. Donna O’Toole is an experienced awards expert and national Judge who has helped national and international businesses and leaders to raise their profile through winning prestigious awards. Perhaps you’ve collaborated with another business and your business has grown because of it. BS22 6WA, Judging process comes to an end for 2020 Business Leader Awards, Judging underway for 2020 South West Business Leader Awards. Visual data like tables and graphs are a great way to show off your success. It’s also good to be aware that older versions of systems such as Windows are sometimes unable to open new file formats such as .dotx or .dotm This year, there are 12 categories that you could apply for. If the criteria asks for five examples of how your business is using a sales and marketing strategy to increase sales, give five examples. Supporting documents can include statistical evidence such as sales figures, company policies, customer testimonials, and links to online resources or certificates. Hopefully this example — for the Best B2B Product Launch category — will give you some good and useful ideas for crafting your own award-winning entry. Why do you deserve to win? Registered in England and Wales: Company No. Spelling and grammar mistakes can ruin an otherwise excellent entry. And finally, don’t forget the three rules. Winning an award for the collaboration or partnership could strengthen your relationship further and lead to new relationships. Here are five tips for writing an entry that will dazzle the judges. Simple and efficient entries are the key to winning awards. Weston-super-Mare, Strengthen your case with supporting documents. Next, look to your competitors. If you follow the criteria to the letter, answering each point concisely and clearly, you will be giving yourself the best chance with the judges. Answer the question. The format for business awards entries is typically text-based. Don’t leave writing to the last minute. Don’t waste valuable time applying for a category that is wrong for your business. Check the format of award entries with the award organisers. Don’t go overboard. Your entry should answer these questions. Don’t accidently disqualify your business by not reading the rules. Ashby-de-la-Zouch Now that you’ve decided on the project, the award, and the category to enter it’s time to tackle writing your award entry. Keeping it simple is also important for your language. Remember that words beat links . 2. You may wish to enter awards for your whole business, but if you have a high performing and innovative project then why not win some awards for that too? In addition, facts and figures can improve your awards entry, though remember that awards like ours aren’t necessarily about choosing the entry that generated the highest ROI. If you are able to do so, always provide additional information in the form of supporting documents. Don’t miss out on the opportunity and apply today. Angle, innovation, impact. Make it clear and easy for the judges to understand why you should win. Don’t try to fill the word count with every example you can think of. The word limits are in place for a reason. The only way to demonstrate your business’ success is through evidence and examples. The 2017 East Midlands Chamber Awards are an excellent opportunity for your business. You’ve spent longer shopping online for a … A simple structure to follow is stating what the issue was, how you solved it and the outcome of this. What sets your business apart from others? Keep It Simple. Your business is not a one-trick pony. Submit your entry as early as possible but if you need to, check beforehand that the deadline can be extended. It’s tempting to use grand terms and business jargon when writing formally but when it comes to awards entries it’s better to be straightforward. You will be able to pick up on mistakes much easier with a clear head and a bit of distance. Winning awards is all about making yourself stand out in your industry as the market leader. You might find a more suitable category than your first choice or that your business is eligible to enter across multiple categories. Let your award entry (and yourself) rest before picking it up to proofread. By reading and understanding the guidelines and criteria, you can make sure you apply to the right category.This will also ensure that you are correctly following the rules. Email: It could even point you in the right direction for improvements and add extra value to your application. It doesn’t matter how brilliantly written your entry is if you don’t answer the question it can’t be judged. Not only are we proud to sponsor the 2017 Chamber Business Awards, but our Managing Director Rob Day has become a part of the prestigious judging panel.Helping you make the most of your entry, Rob has shared his top tips for writing the perfect entry. The word limits are in … It sounds obvious right? So, you’ve worked through each step and you finally have your award entry written, but this is by no means the version you submit. This is solid proof to back up your claims, adding credibility to your entry. All rights reserved. Worle Park Way, Use reports, graphs, or images to evidence your claims preferably within the body of your entry, or in a supporting document. As such, be sure to submit the right kind of facts and figures. The 2017 East Midlands Chamber Business Awards are open for entry. Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy / T's & C's. Rushed entries mean questions and criteria can easily be overlooked. Then give it to a colleague to read. With Donna’s help, hundreds of businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, and leaders have received recognition from awarding bodies across multiple industries, achieved outstanding results in The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise competition, and have even received honours from Her Majesty The Queen. Keep saying this in your head over … This years’ Business Leader Awards sees the addition of new categories Commercial Property Award and three Business of the Year awards, segmented by number of employees. Who are the 2020 Business Leader Awards judges? Avoid using complicated language, buzzwords or jargon. All rights reserved. Planning which awards and categories to enter this year is vital for your awards journey and makes your efforts more likely to bring you those valuable wins. Your application needs to outline your vision for the future of your business. Read it, and read it again. Follow the criteria to the letter. By following the criteria closely your entry will be well-structured, easy to follow and will score you plenty of points. Top tips for entering awards – from those in the know, 10 Top Tips to bear in mind when writing your award entry, 5 ways gaining national award recognition boosts your business. You don’t need to include every example you can think of, just one good one. Entries shouldn’t be over the top. The Chamber Business Awards welcome entries from all business sectors so this is a great place to start. Now that you’ve decided on the project, the award, and the category … Remember to choose your evidence wisely. When reading your entries, the judges will be looking for reasons why they should pick your company over others. Unfortunately, we can’t take your word for your achievements. You should be aware however; most awards criteria will usually only consider projects or initiatives that have been live for at least year so make sure you check that criteria out! Make sure you check the guidelines before submitting these images. The format of award entries varies which will impact on how you present your evidence – but that’s no excuse to leave it out! Come for a tour of our state of the art offices and design showroom in Ashby, Leicestershire. © Blueprint Interiors 2020. Play to your strengths. Ivanhoe Business Park A fresh pair of eyes on your entry might spot the things you missed. Now that you’ve proofread your entry, it’s time to pass it to a colleague, friend or family member to check for clarity, errors and omissions. Start to finish, this entry took me only about 2 hours to put together, so stop procrastinating. Don’t miss out on the opportunity and apply today! It’s that time of year again. Tel: 0117 325 7779 Email [email protected] for your free consultation. Writing a winning business awards entry can be challenging, but the payoff in the form of promotion for your business can be extremely rewarding, taking your business to a new level. When you’ve worked on a piece of writing for so long you can no longer be objective about its impact because you know what you mean, but the judges might not!

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