nae majimak geojitmal *o*Now I nee to rewatch this MV calmly *O* (Without being distracted by shirtless Ravi)See you another day dear future wife! As I replay your face Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’ll throw myself away completely because you need quiet time to yourself Did I say those things without even meaning it? The neon lights burned through my mind. You told me to take back nae ane nal jugigo Told me not to say stupid lies Beautiful Liar is the debut mini-album by South Korean boy band VIXX's first official sub-unit VIXX LR. Jika lagu Beautiful Liar tidak bisa disetel, silahkan cari file unduhan nya dibawah yang di generate secara otomatis. The fourth track "Ghost"; Ravi's Solo was written entirely by himself and arranged by himself and Cho Yong-ho. I also would like to ask everyone to please listen to this album.I Before I go and talk about the MV I would like to talk about the song. yesangchi moshaetdeon daesa hue if I end it right here, It’s alright if you leave me LR are the first unit group from VIXX. The EP was released on August 17, 2015 under the label of Jellyfish Entertainment. I’m a beautiful liar, You keep shedding tears 04. As you hold onto my face It’s an inner struggle that so many people go through with themselves when a relationship ends and they are torn with what to do. The song have a Ballad feel to it mix with a Hip Hop feel to it that I quite like. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The lie being Leo who wants to let his ex-girlfriend go and forget her and the truth being the physical manifestation of Ravi who is trying to keep a hold of her, wanting and needing her to stay. [7][8] The duo then started promoting and performing from August 18 on various music programs including SBS MTV's The Show, KBS's Music Bank, MBC's Show! Please don’t worry about me because you need quiet time Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I really enjoy this song after listening to it for the first time in a long time. ( Log Out /  utgo itneun gamyeoneul sseune, nan jigeum neomuna holgabunhae hajiman bonaejulge, ije du soneul nohjiman Video : RealVIXX@YT I would also like to say that this song and the song in the album are really good and it show the color of Leo and Ravi. I’d just like to start off by avowing that, without even understanding what Leo and Ravi are singing, or reading the English lyrics, you are actually able to feel the emotions they were trying to portray, clear evidence of their attention to every detailed expression they were revealing. "Beautiful Liar" initially had a Spanish title and different lyrics. This is a beautiful lie The different scenes worked well together; scenes in a bedroom, in a dining room, as well as, on the beach  – Leo playing piano and Ravi sitting on a piano. And put on a smiling mask, I feel so relieved now Oh I’m nae mameun ttokgata I am hiding myself • Leo try with all his might to stop Ravi from coming out. Throughout the music video the truth (Ravi) and the lie (Leo) are at odds with each other with their conflicting emotions, until finally Leo overcomes Ravi and is left alone admitting that he is a cowardly liar. nae mamdo ttokgata “Beautiful Liar” sounded fantastic as Leo takes full charge of the vocals and Ravi showcases his rap skills again. The struggling scenes are Leo internally fighting (with Ravi) to stop himself from going after her and that visual alone was enough to make this music video one of the most beautiful I have seen in a long time! naboda deo na gateun na I think that this sensitivity is not only explicably artistic, but shows that they actually feel the lyrics of the song, just by listening to the addictive captivating tunes and rhythmic rapping it just feels so overwhelming. My Light (Song by 빅스)… jasinege dasi mureobwa Well, the duo has released “Beautiful Liar'” and it’s a glorious ballad showcasing how wonderful the two really do work together. The EP consists of five tracks and one instrumental all of which are written and composed by either Ravi or Leo as the composer duo of VIXX. , I would like to say that this is one of my favorite song at the moment. I’ll throw myself away completely neoreul bonaejuneun il As I replay your face when you screamed go away. (Note: Hi there, first of all thank you for taking the time to read this, I suggest you watch the mv while reading~ I decided to post this on a blog because I was typing random thoughts everywhere and it got really confusing so I decided to compile everything into this post. Their acting get’s an A+ from me as their emotions were exposed. This blog is about me and my love for K-pop and many other things. Please give this song and VIXX_LR album a listen. my feelings and letting you go to yourself If you enjoyed this or found it somewhat insightful, do share it on Twitter/YouTube comments etc and tag me (TW: @ReaLizxx) (+YT: Liz loh). It’s okay if you leave me I wish you to be happy Oh I I’m a beautiful, I’m a beautiful liar. So that at least my lie can shine, I’m letting go of your tightly held hands A video trailer of VIXX LR was then revealed. Since the release of teaser images, I have been loving the black and white look on the two members from their hair to their suits. I really enjoy the chorus of this song. hayeomeobsi nunmul heullyeo Composer       : 라비, MELODESIGN Leo try to let to do everything to let her go but Ravi personality wanted to stop her but Leo stop him from coming out. I’m a beautiful Beautiful Liar - Dari Vixx Lr ♫ Unduh lagu Beautiful Liar dari Vixx Lr secara gratisan. Do share your opinions in the comments below! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. ( Log Out /  and I ask myself I’m a beautiful liar, You keep shedding tears As I replay your face As you smiled in front of me), It’s a beautiful pain Swallow my tears Overall the song talk about how hard a it’s to end a relationship and how sometime you have to turn yourself into a liar or bad person in order for the other person to be happy. As time went by, members of VIXX disappeared until finally only Leo and Ravi were left behind, which caused fans to speculate that it meant another comeback for all six members. But I’ll let you go, I’m letting go of your hands In the rather symbolic and emotional music video for "Beautiful Liar", the story is about a man; Leo and a woman breaking up, on the way out Leo gets a wedding invitation from his ex-girlfriend. He is talking about how he turning himself into liar and lying to himself and lying to her for her to get go and have a better life without him. As you smiled in front of me), It’s a beautiful pain under a mask for you, I see myself in the mirror and I ask myself haengbokhae jwo deo mangseoriji ma Beautiful Liar (Inst. It’s alright if you leave me I want you t be happy Oh I’m I’m a beautiful I’m a beautiful liar. you turned around, I won’t hang onto you, I will smile but please be happy Happy weekend everyone. I’m a beautiful 02. Leave me, It’s time for me to give you Oh I’m I posit that he was observing his mind, his soul, and his psyche, stripped of any guile or obfuscation. Oh my gosh.... Can I like... Marry you or something? Overall the meaning of the MV is the same of the lyric of the song and Leo represent the new person or the “Liar” and Ravi represent Leo old self and the part of him that is fighting inside of him that does not want to let her go. ", "[V Report] VIXX LR bids farewell, CNBLUE says hi", "VIXX LR初となる東名阪ツアー VIXX LR 1st LIVE SHOWCASE TOUR "Beautiful Liar" 開催決定!!", "South Korean Gaon Chart: Album (Weekly) – August 16, 2015 to August 22, 2015", "South Korean Gaon Chart: Singles (Weekly) – August 16, 2015 to August 22, 2015", "World Music: Top World Albums Chart: Billboard: Sep 05, 2015", "2015 MAMA in HONG KONG Best Collaboration and Unit nominees",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 June 2020, at 18:41. promise me gyesok aesseo areumdawotdeon in front of me Ravi personality is now making the new Leo or the Leo with the mask realize that he is wrong. 할 말 (레오 Solo) 04. led to the next chapter I read the lyrics to the song after watching and WOW the song is deep.We really enjoyed this video and song! Ravi also stated that the parts in the song when both their voices harmonized complemented each other so well, those were probably one of the best parts. About how he is a “beautiful liar” by wanting to let her go because that’s whats best for her. but please be happy I’ll throw myself away completely In other words, he might be meditating on the distinction between a calm outer self of appearance, and a wild inner self, that distinctly draws a line between his opposing facets. ige (geurae ige) naya (naya) neon honjamanui nareul doraseone, jeoldaero maedalliji anha nan useulge English Translation: This is a beautiful lie My last lie Even if it hurts to death I am hiding myself under a mask for you. nae eolgureul jaba sseureonaerimyeo VIXX_LR (Beautiful Liar) I would like to say that this is one of my favorite song at the moment. Is it mocking the character being a hot mess, or is it describing the facade he has on the outside, or is it describing how effortlessly he plunges into despair. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and either be really bored by this lengthy analysis, or emotionally fcked. na ttawineun ssak da beoseodeonjigo tto While many tracks only include short rap parts, the song seemed split evenly between the two members and it makes me love the track even more. nae mameul jul sigan believe Leo was vexed by more than his depressing appearance. [10] In January 2016 it was announced that VIXX LR will be holding their first Japan showcase tour for Beautiful Liar. Did I say those things Moving on to finally interpreting the music video! Ghost (라비 Solo) 05. Letting you go Create a free website or blog at dasi juwo dameuramyeonseo I’m a beautiful ( Log Out /  Why beautiful? ), igeon Beautiful lie When Leo holds Ravi back from going after the actress, you get the sense that Leo is stopping himself. And put on a smiling mask, I feel so relieved now Let’s not forget that the two members had a beautiful scene of dancing on the beach in sync while Leo was in a loose black shirt, Ravi is seen shirtless before the two hugged.

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