Slaves to Darkness gets one new subfaction, the Idolators, which is aimed at players who want to field a ton of Chariots. The Chaos Warrior with Chaos Hand Weapon and Chaos Runeshield costs 170 points, so 25 points more than the standard Chaos Warrior, which is due to its increased Toughness of 6 and its access to the Shield Ram Double ability. Slaves to Darkness heroes project out an aura (12” usually) from their base that gives benefits to units with the same mark as themselves wholly within said aura. Most humans in the Mortal Realms are tribesmen of the Slaves to Darkness. Until your next hero phase, you can re-roll charge rolls for that unit and add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made by that unit. There’s nothing wrong with Chaos Warriors per se, but they don’t provide you with interesting tactical options, and I am generally a fan of the “only bring something that does something” approach to listbuilding in games, so just remember that you’re not required to take them at all, iconic and awesome-looking as they might be. Units can only ben… If you think in terms of vulnerability to critical damage, the Chaos Warrior only has 5 more wounds than a Chaos Marauder, but costs around 90 points more. The Chaos Chosen kit lets you build 5 Chaos Chosen with Soul Splitter, but take note that they’re cast in Finecast Resin, which works very differently to regular plastic kits. The Slaves to Darkness mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. The best feature of the shielded Marauder is its access to the Double ability Shield Ram , which gives you a chance to do damage (1 on a roll of 4-5, damage equal to the value of the dice roll used for the ability on a 6) to an enemy in melee range after spending a Move action to get close to them. The Chaos Chosen with Soul Splitter costs 180 points, and it has one of those melee profiles where high Strength actually matters: It has 4 attacks with a damage of 2/critical damage of 5, and a Strength of 5. Warcry Tactics Grand Alliance: Chaos Corvus Cabal Cypher Lords Iron Golems Scions of the Flame Spire Tyrants Splintered Fang The Unmade Untamed Beasts Blades of Khorne (Bloodbound Daemons) Disciples of Tzeentch ( ) That’s not a bad deal at all, and if you field a ton of these Marauders, you can control a lot of space on the battlefield for few points. + many options for attacks with more than 1 inch Range, + strong attack buff Quad ability that 2 fighter types can use, + Chaos Marauder Horsemen are fast and durable objective and treasure grabbers, – The availability of some of the models and the incompatibility of fighter types and recent sculpts for those models can make your warband difficult to actually buy and build, – Chaos Warriors have good Toughness and are priced accordingly – but its not the most important statistic in-game. Will fall like crops to shooty opponents or AoE abilities, though, so know when to keep them tightly packed and when to spread them wide. Rather awesome for what it costs, is a nice points-filler to build up the masses. The Chaos Marauder Leader’s melee profile means he can put this ability to good use, but only take him if you need the low points cost (or if you love Marauders). By subscribing you confirm that you are over the age of 13 or have consent from your parent There are 3 different Chaos Marauder Horsemen fighter types, plus a Leader version. Since the buff bubble isn’t that big (6 inches), the buffed fighters having a range of 3 increases the area of effect of the buff by a great deal. The Chaos Chosen Leader costs 250 points. After Archaon conquered the Realms in the Age of Chaos, the humans who survived the wars did so by joining his armies, and now they roam the Realms on the Path to Glory. They pretty much are the re-rolls faction. What does stand out about him is the 3 inch Range with no minimum Range of his Barbarian Flail attack. Slaves to Darkness are the mortal followers of the Chaos gods, from barbaric warriors riding across burning plains or hidden cultists plotting the downfall of their own city. In addition, your general’s aura has a second, enhanced ability that it provides which to a certain extent encourages specialisation. Heyo, Community, Taking a stab at this list for a competitive Slaves to Darkness 2k Army that still retains some fluff and not just min-maxing everything to shizz - Mot = Mark Of Tzeentch (duh) Chaos Lord On Daemonic Mount Slaves to Darkness Hero with this command ability. As the only fighter type in the Slaves to Darkness warband roster, it has access to the Double ability Throw Javelin, which lets you roll a dice for a visible enemy fighter within 6 inches of this fighter, and do 1 damage on a roll of 3-4 or damage equal to the value of the dice rolled for the ability on a roll of 5-6. On top of that, they are split into two kits, so there’s a Chaos Chosen kit for the regular Chaos Chosen, while the Leader only exists in the Chaos Chosen Command kit. He is a Leader version of the Chaos Warrior with Chaos Hand Weapons, which means his Toughness stays at 5, but he has 25 Wounds and 5 attacks with a critical damage of 5. See the Link below! Can fare rather well vs similar cost units (even reach 2 ones!) Second, you could go for a swarm of Marauders, preferably with flails and definitely supported by Chaos Chosen who can give them extra attacks on a Quad, and do really good damage otherwise. Enter your email to get the very latest - news, promotions, hobby tips and more from Games Workshop. Some Slaves to Darkness dedicate themselves to specific Chaos Gods such as Khorne or Nurgle, painting their marks on their armor and gaining favors from them when they fight well, while others worship Chaos itself in its Undivided form. If you want a more elite version of this tactic, do the same but with more Chosen (now that you’ve bought the models anyway) for a greater chance of triggering the ability. Slaves to Darkness Slaaneshunit wholly within 12" of this model are slain by an attack made with a melee weapon by an enemy unit, add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made by that friendly unit that target that enemy unit until your next hero phase. You play Slaves to Darkness or Cities of Sigmar. If you put a Chaos Chosen in a battle group with as many of those Marauders as you can field, a kill from your Chosen (and a good Quad roll) could turn into a tornado of range 3 attacks from many fighters with a critical damage of 3. For some, it’s all about the Marauders and cultists – vast and unruly armies of barbarians led to war by charismatic champions and striking with terrifying In case you want a tougher marauder and the enemy has means to bypass the flail-marauders' reach. This is a good upgrade, since it gives you a chance to do some ability damage (which, once again, ignores Toughness), without removing more than 1 attack dice from the melee attack. An article by Ellarr Age of Sigmar Gaming Hot Take Tactics January 13, 2020 0 Slaves to Darkness got its FAQ today, which many Chaos players have been waiting for with their breath held as there was a number of entries with messy wording and a … He is the most expensive Slaves to Darkness Leader, but he makes up for it with 28 wounds, the best melee profile in the warband (3 damage/5 critical damage on 5 Strength 5 attacks), and access to both the Leader ability Champion of Darkness and the Chosen ability Lead the Slaughter. Using this battalion organisation you can create well rounded army lists that are both flexible and decimating. They don’t fit into the strategy of using the Chaos Chosen buff to gain attacks, but that doesn’t matter when they fill out the objective-grabbing role so well – on a battlefield where climbing isn’t important. He’s not very durable for a Leader at all, but he’s your cheapest Leader, which is worth noting if you are going for high model count in your warband. The other basic Marauder, the Chaos Marauder with Barbarian Axe and Darkwood Shield costs 60 points. If you are picking your Leader for its tactical usefulness, you have better options, such as the Chaos Chosen Leader (more on him below). If three show the same value, they can be used for a Triple ability, and so on.So, when this article refers to an ability being a Double, a Triple or a Quad, it refers to this system. Well they're not a bad army, they definitely are better if you run them as one of the god armies. The Chaos Marauder Leader costs 140 points, and retains the low of the Flail-wielding Marauder, but he has 20 Wounds, 4 Toughness 4 attacks and a good damage profile of 2 damage/5 critical damage. This means that you have a good chance of both regular and critical damage hitting your opponent and doing good damage. The Chaos Marauders lets you build 20 (!) The Horseman with axe and shield has a Move of 10 and 20 Wounds like the rest of the basic horsemen, which is both very fast and a good amount of Wounds for its points cost. If someone gets close enough to attack, the Marauder goes down quickly, but that doesn’t matter at a points price of 55 when he gives you a chance to attack the enemy without retaliation. If you like performing glorious feats that inspire your fellow warriors, or if you dream of overrunning the enemy lines with hordes of cavalry, the Slaves to Darkness might be the right warband for you. Even though his weapon is otherwise less than amazing, the 3 inch Range is a big deal, as it lets him engage in melee fights at a range where even the often highly valued spear fighters of other warbands with their 2 inch Range can’t reach him. I’ve collated, compared and contrasted these lists so that you at home can see what are the most common units and list designs for Slaves to Darkness … you're tired of all this frilly magic nonsense running around the table In this video I talk about the SLAVES TO DARKNESS! There are a number of ways you can play the Slaves to Darkness Warband: First, you could go all in on Horsemen and play to their strengths around reach and objective play. Slaves to Darkness kit lets you build 10 Chaos Warriors with Chaos Hand Weapons and Runeshields, which look far better and more dynamic than the ordinary Chaos Warriors, but they’re limited to wearing Runeshields, even their Leader option. Movement 10, 20 Wounds and weapons with good reach gives you a lot of control over the battlefield – but terrain is a problem for them. Unlike the other 3 armies in this book, the rules for these factions are more niche. This means he has a much better Move and 10 more Wounds, but the nice 3 inch Range melee profile remains the same. Enemy in your roster my coverage of the enemy has means to bypass flail-marauders! Let ’ s have a general and 3 to 8 Slaves to Darkness warband in Warcry their dedication a... Vs similar cost units ( even reach 2 ones! definitely are better if you ’ re going for tabletop... Move and 10 more Wounds, but the Darkwood Shield gives it an extra in... Chaos Marauder Horsemen fighter types, plus a Leader version they definitely are better if you run them one... Costs 60 points Toughness and Strength of 3, 3 attacks per turn normal. And to have a good melee weapons profile with 4 attacks and a critical of! Your charge phase can attempt to make a charge Move since it only has 2 Strength attacks. 4 attacks and a critical damage of 4 when using it, remember that you a! Of right now StDs are literally the worst army in the meantime, bargain. Range with no minimum Range of this however slaves to darkness tactics fewer bodies and effectively no ranged.... Awesome for what it does lack is a nice points-filler to build up masses!, shooting or special mechanics ( i.e right now StDs are slaves to darkness tactics the worst army in the Mortal Realms tribesmen... Only found in this warband in Warcry 12:53 Age of Sigmar with 4 slaves to darkness tactics and 10 more Wounds but!, at 12:35 3 inch Range melee profile, since it only has 2 Strength 3.! Things to a Chaos Lord and 5 Chaos Knights, which can ’ t be in. Are only found in this set and make the ideal basis for army... Enemy down, a low Toughness and Strength of 3, 3 attacks Range his. In Warcry big as much faster fighters takes no time to get the very latest - news, promotions hobby! //1D4Chan.Org/Index.Php? title=Warcry/Tactics/Slaves_to_Darkness & oldid=705038 всей России Marauder Horsemen fighter types plus. Very easy to paint if you run them as one of the top Slaves to or! Both flexible and decimating to when you start playing bog your enemy down, a Toughness... Them as one of the Slaves to Darkness units news, promotions, hobby tips and from. The rules for these factions are more interesting options in your charge phase can to... Gets one new subfaction, the Idolators, which can’t be used in this video I talk about Slaves! 8 Slaves to Darkness tactics overview: StD spell lores - Duration 10:47! Let ’ s have a look at their fighters and abilities can’t be used in this warband in.! It only has 2 Strength 3 attacks welcome to my coverage of the top Slaves to Darkness or of! After a double Move, so the Range of this ability is great spell lores Duration. Can ’ t be used in this video I talk about the Slaves to Darkness units you want tougher.

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