Intriguing survey tour to bird-rich but poorly known Vietnam. Ducks and geese, eagles and hawks, shorebirds and songbirds all abound in numbers and diversity as 3 birding routes lead you through remarkable landscapes described in Expedition journals 200 years ago. document.write("" + a + "@" + b + "") We have developed a network of birding trails or, as we are calling them here, birding drives, that encourage anyone interested in watching wildlife to go out and appreciate the richness of the Prairie Potholes. Pelicans of course. Contact: Melynda Hickman, Wildlife Diversity Biologist, OK Dept. More phases of the map should be available mid-April 2004. Central Dakota Birding Drive There is also a Grand Isle Festival web page, which will include the Grand Isle Bird Trail map. The whole birding-trail phenomenon is part of what’s been called “birding economics” for many years. Created by The Nature Conservancy, the local community and regional businesses, this trail is meant to showcase the natural and historical treasure of Southern Ohio. With landscapes ranging from coastal wetlands to rolling hills and prairies, Louisiana is a natural paradise. But good birding can be had all year long. The Maine Birding Trail describes the best birding sites statewide. Great Florida Birding Trail guides are available from FWC and on the GFBT website. We hope that you enjoy good birding on the region’s public lands. The area is renowned for its waterfowl and shorebird migration and diverse summer breeding bird populations. Audubon Niagara Birding Trail I was able to spend as much time as I wanted photographing specific birds and there was always another beautiful bird begging for my attention as we moved on. Greater Prairie Chicken and Three-toed Woodpecker are just a few of over 275 species that can be seen along the way. This area contains critical migratory stopover, nesting, and refueling sites for about 80% of the Pacific Flyway waterfowl funneling through the Basin. Contact: Cindy Deas, Coordinator, Klamath Basin Birding Trail [email protected] or Great Basin Visitor Association, 1-800-445-6728 or 541-884-0666, 507 Main St., Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601 or KBBT Sponsoring Non-Profit, Klamath Wingwatchers, Inc., PO Box 251, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601, Oregon Cascades Birding Trail A minimum of US$50 from each Rockjumper tour sign-up goes directly into the RBCF. To Learn More: Thanks for the tour!” “What a wonderful tour of Japan! Fort Delaware State Park is proud to partner with the American Birding Association to bring Sunset River Cruises back for another year to offer you a fun, enjoyable, and educational experience on the Delaware River. The guide sells for $9.00 and is available from Audubon Pennsylvania by sending a check to Bird Guide, Audubon Pennsylvania, 100 Wildwood Way, Harrisburg, PA 17110.

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