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The Queen, Part 2: Playing with Fire

I’ve been playing around with the Queen a bit…this time, with fire!

Part 2 of this project involved experimenting with some smoke and fire effects, and I love how it really changes the mood and the story behind the image. Of course, we still have the strong Queen character, but this time in color, veiled and framed in delicate plumes of smoke, and with the added symbolism of fire. 


I’m pretty sure every songwriter, poet, or other creative  has a piece that in some way references fire or burning. It’s such a powerful force that is so often used as a descriptor for our most powerful emotions. It can symbolize empowerment, strength, enlightenment, passion, creativity, transformation, destruction, among many, many other things.

Especially in the photo on the bottom right, the fire could be compared to a forest fire, which, when occurring naturally, is how forests make way for new, healthy growth.

Digging deeper, if you take into account the cool color of her dress, it could also be interpreted as the Queen is the water, the answer to the fire. The fire has met its match. Her facial expression certainly seems calm and fearless.

While we’re talking about her dress, what color is it, again? The original dress was actually the blue that you see in the top left photo, above. But I did take some more creative liberties and experimented with changing the color of it. Not for any particular reason, just to see what would happen!

I’ve had fun not only editing these shots, but also offering possible ways to analyze the stories within them. I’m interested to know what stories you see in these images! Drop me a comment on here,  Facebook or Instagram and let me know your thoughts!

The Queen, Part One: Monochrome Monarch

Hold. The. Phone.

Have you seen these pictures yet???

Needless to say, I am overjoyed with the results from my first styled, “fantasy-inspired” photoshoot! My model, Emma, is (quite obviously) no stranger to modeling, however this was her first outdoor photoshoot- so this was an exciting new project for both of us!

This shoot had gotten postponed once due to April being a Northeastern snowpocolypse. Glad that’s over! And I’m so glad our snow-date worked out! It was an overcast day, but it worked out beautifully for us.

I cannot thank Emma enough for not only doing all of her own styling- oufits, makeup, hair- but also for making that gorgeous flowers & spikes halo crown. She totally brought her A-game.

The inspiration for this shoot came from wanting to capture a strong female presence, somewhere along the lines of a warrior and a Queen.

This is the beginning of a new creative project that I am extremely excited about. It will be an ongoing process, as I fiddle with different editing techniques, just for the fun of it! I’m starting out with just a few monochrome images, but there will absolutely be more to come! My creativity is overwhelmed in the best way!

You will not want to miss the updates on this project! Follow along on Instagram and Like on Facebook to stay in the loop!

Monochrome: A Winter Ritual

“You get the same thrill with any negative; with art, as someone once said, most of what you have to do is show up. The hardest part is setting the camera on the tripod, or making the decision to bring the camera out of the car, or just raising the camera to your face, believing, by those actions, that whatever you find before you, whatever you find there, is going to be good.” –Sally Mann, Hold Still

I know I’m not alone when I say that winter can take a toll on my motivation. There’s so little of that gorgeous golden sunlight we photographers love so much, and I just want to make a never-ending pot of tea and hibernate under mounds of blankets.

But I am getting better at winter! Little by little, I’m finding ways to embrace and enjoy the season more. This often includes taking part in special winter photo challenges and creating my own photography projects.

A few winters ago, I was inspired by Sally Mann’s memoir ‘Hold Still’, to switch my camera to monochrome and explore familiar spaces. Without color, the photos became focused on the light and the way it bounced off of things and created contrast. Everything had new life. Faucets, doorknobs, and kitchen utensils now had “moods”.

It’s a small project I can do to flex my creative muscles, even when I don’t want to go outside, or if I’m feeling under the weather. It’s purely for myself and my own enjoyment, and it reminds me that the light is still there. It may not be glowing, warm and golden, but it is there. Right alongside the shadows.

I’ve also found that my cat is a great subject for black and white photography. He has long, shaggy light tan fur and naps in interesting positions, often on our black couch, which makes for great contrast. Here’s one of my favorite black and white shots of my big sleepy cat:


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas,

and may you find light wherever there are shadows.