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Summer Fun in Small Spaces

This was such a great impromptu portrait session! I was excited to do it, and now I’m even more excited to share it! In the past, I’ve taken portraits of my friend Genna to test out new techniques and equipment, while exploring beautiful landscapes. This time, instead of going to a place with an abundance of natural splendor, I decided to take on the challenge of taking portraits in tighter spaces, where I might have to cut out or work to avoid distractions in the background.

Can you tell that we’re in a tiny area between a house and a road, in the middle of a yard that’s full of kids’ toys? Can you tell that I even took some of these with a wiggly baby in one arm? Or that for some of these, we were about 3 yards from a Con-Ed crew that was digging up the lawn?

I also took the opportunity to experiment with some different editing styles. My usual style, as far as color-correction, is vibrant, true-to-life colors. You may notice a lot of photographers these days using a “desaturated” or “moody” style that slightly skews the colors of a photo to be more of a muted tone, and sometimes a bit of a golden hue is added as well. So I figured, why not try out some of that in these portraits? View more of this session in my Flickr portfolio!

NYBW Spring Minis 2019!

Wow, this year is just flying! (Or is it just me?) A few months back, my baby girl (AKA “Little Apprentice”) got to tag along for her very first photoshoot! It was the Spring Mini-Sessions for New York Babywearing! What better way to introduce her to Mommy’s work? Here she is, appropriately dressed in her camera bib (handmade by me!)

This round of Minis was fantastic, and different in a few ways from the other Minis I’ve done for NYBW. First, I got to document the growth of one adorable family that had a beautiful new baby since I’d last photographed them at the Autumn Minis! And with these being fundraisers for NY Babywearing, it’s only fitting that I catch some babywearing in action! First, on a snuggly newborn, and then with a toddler!

It’s a great example of how babywearing makes babies (of all ages) feel safe and comfy!

NYBW is a support group for parents interested in learning to safely wear their babies in slings, wraps, or carriers and connect with other local families. The group currently ranges from Yonkers, all the way to Syracuse! If you are interested in learning more about them, you can check out their Facebook page!

A Sweet-As-Can-Be Cake Smash

Who doesn’t love a good Cake Smash?? Check out some of these adorable shots of Miss Willa Mae’s 1st Birthday Smash!

(Big brother Cooper had to get in on some of the fun too!)


Happy Birthday Willa!

Hello, 2019!

It’s already February and I haven’t even done an official 2018 recap yet! The year ended on quite a busy note, as my “November baby” arrived in early December! 2018 was a whirlwind of a year. Not only was my “Little Apprentice” along for just about all of my shoots (which went right about up until my due date!), but I had the opportunities to work on so many photoshoots, many of them very different from one another. There were events in the sun, events in the dark, styled shoots, family portraits, and small/local business shoots, just to name a few.

I took some time off from photography in the past few months while I navigated through the ups, downs, and sleepless nights of new motherhood. But now I’m ready to get back into photoshoots! I hope that this year brings even more surprises and new, exciting sessions!

Contact me today to get your fresh pics for the fresh year! 

NYBW Mini Sessions 2018!

This 15 minute mini session day is becoming a fun Autumn tradition! For just $50, each participating family gets a 15-minute photoshoot and 5 digital photos. I think it’s such a great way to get a few quick and easy photos for your holiday cards, while supporting New York Babywearing (formerly Babywearing International of Rockland/Westchester)! Last year, it was an incredible whirlwind of adorable families, so I was psyched to be invited to do it all again this year!

I must admit I was a little nervous about being 8 months pregnant and getting through the shoots without muscle pain or getting dehydrated. When I work with kids, I tend to get down on their level and kind of squat-run to keep up with the ones that are especially energetic. (Fortunately, that turned out to not to be an issue! Phew!)

The issue I had was the weather forecasts! Oh my goodness. Photographers and weather forecasts: a tale as old as time. OF COURSE the day before the sessions, the forecast called for rain- and only in the timeframe that I would be taking photos. And every weather source I checked said that the rain would stop at a different time.

Long story short, I spent the day before (and early morning the day-of) the shoot moving things around and fretting over what to do if the rain didn’t stop in time. With a last minute location change to a spot with rain cover, we were all set to go!

Although it was absolutely freezing and pouring when I arrived on location, the rain stopped and the sun started to peek out by the time my first family of the day arrived! And it continued to get warmer and sunnier from there!

I am just in love with the beautifully even overcast lighting that we got. It was such a gorgeous day for cozy Autumn family portraits, and I honestly could not have asked for cuter families or happier babies to work with!

And a BIG HUGE thank you to my sister-in-law, Lex and baby Willa for assisting me through the day!!

NY Babywearing is a support group for parents interested in learning to safely wear their babies in slings or carriers and connect with other local families. The group currently ranges from Yonkers, all the way to Syracuse! If you are interested in learning more about them, you can check out their Facebook page!

A Great Big Happy Announcement!

We are super duper excited to share that we are expecting a baby this November!!!

I’m already over halfway to my due date, and sporting an obvious baby belly. I just had no idea how fast the months go by when you’re expecting! I figured I should hurry up and make an “official” RFP announcement before the baby arrives!

We aren’t finding out baby’s gender, but we have a feeling he/she likes [gluten-free] bagels and loves dogs. Seriously, I think this kiddo has some crazy dog-energy. And by that I mean, if my pregnancy experience is any indication (melting at the sight of any dog, and seeming to attract more of them), this little one is going to be the kind of person who dogs gravitate toward (And those are always the best people, aren’t they?)


The holidays will certainly be busy around here!

What does this mean for RFP? It means that there will be limited spots available for the rest of this year- so book your sessions ASAP to make sure you get those gorgeous holiday card photos!

I’m planning on doing sessions until early November- and that’s only 3 months away! (Whoa. Where did the year go???)

Email me NOW to save your spot!

Trailside Cafe

When you’re in the Yorktown Heights area and need a healthy boost, definitely swing by Trailside Cafe!

I photographed a Small Business Session for Trailside recently, and got to see a bunch of their yummy smoothies and bowls, and catch a glimpse behind the scenes of their friendly and enthusiastic staff at work! Just check out some of these shots…

Don’t you feel healthier, just looking at all that fresh fruit? They also offer teas, coffees, and a variety of baked goods (including gluten free and vegan options! Yay!!) This is a cozy little cafe with so many options for where to sit and enjoy yourself: A bar at the front window, a relaxing parlor area (complete with couches and coffee tables!), and a gorgeous sunny patio out back!

You can see more from this session in my flickr album!

Bring your friends and go check this place out!

The Queen, Part 2: Playing with Fire

I’ve been playing around with the Queen a bit…this time, with fire!

Part 2 of this project involved experimenting with some smoke and fire effects, and I love how it really changes the mood and the story behind the image. Of course, we still have the strong Queen character, but this time in color, veiled and framed in delicate plumes of smoke, and with the added symbolism of fire. 


I’m pretty sure every songwriter, poet, or other creative  has a piece that in some way references fire or burning. It’s such a powerful force that is so often used as a descriptor for our most powerful emotions. It can symbolize empowerment, strength, enlightenment, passion, creativity, transformation, destruction, among many, many other things.

Especially in the photo on the bottom right, the fire could be compared to a forest fire, which, when occurring naturally, is how forests make way for new, healthy growth.

Digging deeper, if you take into account the cool color of her dress, it could also be interpreted as the Queen is the water, the answer to the fire. The fire has met its match. Her facial expression certainly seems calm and fearless.

While we’re talking about her dress, what color is it, again? The original dress was actually the blue that you see in the top left photo, above. But I did take some more creative liberties and experimented with changing the color of it. Not for any particular reason, just to see what would happen!

I’ve had fun not only editing these shots, but also offering possible ways to analyze the stories within them. I’m interested to know what stories you see in these images! Drop me a comment on here,  Facebook or Instagram and let me know your thoughts!

7 Books That Shaped My Adulthood (So Far)

Have you started your summer reading yet? If you’re looking for a good, thought-provoking read, here are 7 books that shaped my adulthood after college. I’ve recommended and gifted these so many times because they have positively impacted my life and perspective in some way that I feel everyone could benefit from. So here it is, my personal “required reading” list for Adulting: (No affiliate links here! Just sharing the love…)

Daring Greatly & Rising Strong by Brene Brown:
These are books that I reread every so often. Each time they seem to speak to me a bit differently, depending on where I am in my life at that time. But what doesn’t change is that every time I read them, I say “Everybody needs to read this!” about 600 times, and I come away from it with an improved, empowered frame on the world.

Note: Brene also wrote ‘Braving the Wilderness’, which is wonderful as well. I’ve only read it once, and it’s on deck for a re-read. I’ll write more about that one after one or two more reads!

We got to meet Jenny on her 2015 ‘Furiously Happy’ book tour, and show her the birthday card that Marc used to propose to me- which she had designed, with a photo of her taxidermied weasel “Juanita”! (She gave Marc a misty-eyed “Well done!” for that)

Let’s Pretend this Never Happened & Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson:
These books are hilarious. If you’ve ever felt like the outsider for any reason, you will definitely identify with Jenny on some level. She is honest in speaking about her struggles with mental illness, and fearlessly laughs at herself in a way that makes her readers feel just a little more…OK (I was going to say ‘normal’, but that’s not it. She makes sure you understand that “normal” is overrated). For more of her insanely hilarious writing, check out her blog,

Quiet by Susan Cain – In this book, Susan Cain does a spectacular job of looking at introversion from several angles. She sheds light not only on what makes a person an “introvert” but how people can gain a better understanding of eachother through this knowledge- for instance, if you  are an extrovert and married to or raising an introvert, or vice-versa.

When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams – I read this one quite a while ago. It was a random library pick (I guess I gravitate towards birds), and there are lines from it that still stick with me today. It’s a really beautiful, special reflection of the author’s mission to make sense of her mother’s journals after her passing.

Hold Still by Sally Mann – I really enjoyed this one, and not just because I’m a photographer. I wrote a post a couple of years ago about 5 lessons I learned from this book. Check that out on my creative blog,

Currently Reading: ‘The Name of the Wind’ by Patrick Rothfuss

Want more? I’ll be posting more “Favorite Things” soon! Follow along here and on Instagram and Facebook!

Introducing…Miss Willa Mae!

Last November seems like SO long ago…but you may remember that way back in November 2017, I did a gorgeous autumn Rainbow Baby Announcement photo session with The Fitzgeralds.

…And then on Christmas, we found out “It’s a Girl!”

And here she is…Willa Mae Fitzgerald

Such an expressive little lovebug… 🙂


Let’s take a peek back to her big brother Cooper’s photoshoot! I love this little side-by-side comparison.

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