A little while back, I wrote about my first wedding photography gig (which, if you’ll remember, was AWESOME). I was so in awe of the decorations that I knew I wanted to write a post dedicated just to the details. And without further ado, here it [finally] is!

It was like an Easter egg hunt for me. There were handmade details everywhere, and each one was just wonderful in its own way. Chrissy, the master DIY-bride, had a vision that turned the grounds of her local Rod and Gun Club into a breathtaking wedding venue.

The ceremony space for this wedding was a gorgeous natural pond-side landscape, and didn’t need much additional adornment. A simple archway  draped in fabric and flowers  created the altar and gave it such an airy, bohemian vibe.


Hand painted signs guided the guests through the wedding. From directing people to the ceremony, laying out the plans for the evening, and even showing them where all of the fun activities were at the reception! I just can’t get over the creativity, talent, AND attention to detail that went into all of it!

Now, let’s take a look at the Pavilion.  Where others may just see a shady spot to have lunch, Chrissy saw a reception hall. Not only did she have the idea, but she pulled it off in fabulous DIY-Bride style! Just check out these before and after shots.

Initially, I was a little nervous about was how well the space would be lit after sundown. It was in a wooded area, and seemed dark even in broad daylight (see “before” photo, above). But I was so impressed at how well twinkle lights and paper lanterns created the perfect warm glow. And not only that, but  every light bulb in the pavilion was removed and replaced with rustic-chic Edison bulbs just for the reception- and afterwards, the happy couple took their Edison bulbs home to reuse! How smart is that?

Love the warm glow of this dance floor!